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BWTB: The Bill O'Brien playlist...of music


Bill O'Brien wants his team to be multiple, varied and unpredictable.

The same can be said about his taste in music.

When the music first blared during veteran minicamp earlier this month, everyone at practice assumed O'Brien approved it. What surprised players and media was that the wide range of tunes came from the head coach's iPod.

"I like a lot of different types of music: country, rap, all kinds of music," O'Brien said. "I just make sure

that it's very respectful music, clean music, because I don't always know all the words, so I have to listen to it really carefully or have one of the younger guys listen to it for me. That's my music. Some guys are complaining already about it but that's too bad."

There's something about knowing what's on an iPod that seems so personal. The fact that O'Brien likes to unwind with some Jay-Z or enjoyed Whitesnake back in the day is like seeing a celebrity shop for groceries.

"I'm impressed," DeAndre Hopkins said. "Somebody told me that it's O'Brien's music and I really didn't think so. He had Rihanna on one day and country music on another day. I like it."

The music, however, serves a bigger purpose. O'Brien blasts it to force communication between players on the field. It's a practice that Bill Belichick used in New England and O'Brien took with him to Penn State.

Check out the Bill O'Brien playlist on Spotify here.

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