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BWTB: The Football 101 Warehouse


The Great John Harris has been on board with us here at the Texans since the middle of the spring, and he's pumped out a ton of informative work. His official title is Texans Analyst, and he's also done a splendid job on the radio as the team's sideline reporter, in addition to contributing during the week on Texans Radio and on our TV shows like 'Texans Extra Points'.

My favorite work of his, though, has been the white board videos in the 'Football 101' series.

His latest went up yesterday, and in it, he explained the wide receiver route tree. You can watch it below, and he details the different names of nine or so routes that pass catchers run.

The route tree video is fun to watch in conjunction with the one below about Andre Johnson. One of the exciting and promising aspects of the new offense installed by head coach Bill O'Brien is the variety of ways in which Johson will be utilized. The veteran All-Pro wideout said Tuesday at the Texans Team Luncheon that he was excited about the new system and its unique formations.

Also, is 'Dre going to be an X receiver? A Y? Z? H? Harris differentiates between the classifications and shows where each one lines up, and why they've been given that name.

On the flip side of things, the Texans are running a 3-4 defense in 2014, as they've done since 2011. But the coordinator is new, and Romeo Crennel's version of the 3-4 is different than the one that was run the previous three seasons. Harris went over the basics below.

But that's not all. John also detailed what the different gaps are for a defensive lineman to cover. A gap, B gap, C gap all sounds foreign and odd...until you check this video out and Coach Harris explains.

We're just getting started with these tutorials. We hope you've enjoyed them, and if there's something you want to learn about, give us a holler and John will probably be able to help explain.


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