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BWTB: The Vote Is On...

Tired of talking about the NFL Draft yet?

With just over two months to go, the Houston Texans remain 'on the clock', owners of the first overall pick. With the college season, Senior Bowl and now NFL combine behind us, the evaluation process is in full swing. Players have been dissected both on and off the field, measurables have been recorded and we now have a better idea just what direction the Texans will go in May.

Scratch that. We now know even less.

As articulately stated by voice of the Texans Marc Vandermeer, the options appear limitless at the top for Houston. There are a myriad of possible choices as draft day edges closer. That uncertainty combined with a slower part of the NFL's schedule has led to endless speculation. That is evident with each Mock Draft Survey we publish, as the names at the top continue to change as the calendar turns.

Each new version of that survey, which we've used as a benchmark to evaluate national opinion on who the Texans will take, appears to yield a new frontrunner. Despite the college season ending nearly three months ago, opinions continue to vary on the draft's top prospects with each passing day. Before the NFL combine, South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney was the choice, but right now UCF's Blake Bortles has become the incumbent. Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater have also been in the mix. That group of four appears to be the consensus in the running for the top slot, while trading the pick has also crept into the conversation.

As we continue to chronicle who the media thinks will be the selection, we figured it was now time to hear from you. Yesterday morning, we started our fan vote on the home page of, a chance for Texans faithful to weigh in on the move they want their favorite team to make. The choices in the poll mirror the same common sense thinking I explained earlier, with the 'top four' listed along with the trading option. This poll will be open through the end of March, so expect to see the leader change as pro days shed the spotlight on each player throughout the month.

After one day, the fanbase has clearly spoken. As of late last night, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had a sizable lead over his counterparts, receiving 60 percent of the over 5000 votes so far. Manziel, who was quoted (as all the players were) that he hopes to be a Texan, appears to have the early support.

Want to weigh in? It is easy. On the bottom right of the home page, you'll see the poll. From there, make your selection. You can vote as many times as you'd like.

Does it mean anything? Of course not, just like the mock drafts we all will continue to read until May. That said, it still is fun.

What do YOU want the Texans to do? Vote here. (Bottom right of the page)

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