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BWTB: To Play or Not to Play?


Brett Favre said no. Terry Bradshaw agrees.

Kurt Warner would rather them not. Harry Carson said no to his grandson, while Drew Brees wants his kids to wait.

Whether or not players would consider allowing their sons to play football is one of the more controversial topics the league has seen in recent years. With the uncertainty surrounding long-term physical and mental effects of the sport, players across the National Football League have weighed in on the topic.

The notion is one Texans center Chris Myers would be open to.

"I'm willing to do whatever he wants to do," Myers said of his 10-month old son, Keane. "I couldn't turn him away from what was able to make me a living. If he wanted to play growing up, then yeah, I'd want to put him in every single sport if he wanted to."

Myers, who is currently on a streak for most active consecutive games played for an offensive lineman at 136, spoke about his mother's apprehensions to let him play tackle football as a kid.

"I didn't play it until high school because my mom wouldn't let me. Down in South Florida, it used to be by weight. I was a little bit bigger, so I ended up playing with kids like three years older than me. She was worried I would get hurt in that sense."

Now that he has kids of his own, Myers can understand his mother's concerns about sending her boy into the gridiron jungle. If Keane does not have the build for football, another sport will surely do.

"Obviously, it will depend upon his body size. If he's sitting there at 110 pounds and frail, I don't want him playing middle linebacker."

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