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BWTB: Top pick and a lot of questions


As with the other two times the Texans had the first pick in the draft, there's no apparent clear cut 'can't miss' choice at quarterback, or any position.

That's not to say there's not a franchise quarterback in the mix. Maybe there are several. But it's always an educated guessing game. In 2002, two quarterbacks went in the first three picks. Neither David Carr nor Joey Harrington went to a Pro Bowl, or had a winning season, for that matter.

In fact, '02 was a very thin QB year. The only quarterback taken who went to a Pro Bowl was fourth round selection David Garrard. The only one who has done anything lately is former third round pick Josh McCown (Go 'Kats!).

The 2006 class yielded the great talk radio debate of Reggie Bush vs. Vince Young. VY had some excellent early moments, Reggie Bush has been sometimes spectacular but never steady. Mario Williams never quite lived up to the number one hype but has certainly produced. As far as quarterback goes, Jay Cutler was the third signal caller taken and the best of the bunch.

We're all hoping there's that once-in-a-lifetime player at quarterback in this draft but no one can say for sure. In '06 it looked like a very good bet that between VY, Matt Leinert and Cutler, you'd had one emerge as an all time great.

This year's class is admittedly better for quarterbacks but the media often has a selective memory. Let's hope this class is more like '04, when you had three QBs taken in the top ten (Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger) and you could walk way happy with any one of them.

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