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BWTB: Twitter Tells The Story

The NFL's free agency bonanza officially starts today, as teams can begin to sign players formerly employed by other league squads. What's the best way to follow all the madness?

The microblogging service, which turns seven years old this month, has become a great tool for watching sports news unfold in real-time. The steady stream of information keeps NFL and sports fans in general right on the pulse as rumors and signings take place over the next few weeks.

Twitter's deep connection to the sports society has taken it even further. Media members now use the service as live rumor mill and transaction wire, often updating Twitter first before reporting anywhere else. The news flows fast, and it isn't always accurate, but within minutes you can catch up on a day's worth of moves in the NFL.

Depending on which people you follow, it isn't uncommon to see several media members tweeting out the same information within seconds of a big signing. The amount of information disseminated can be overwhelming at times, but for the hardcore fan, it is the fastest way to hear the latest.

Per source, DE Everson Griffen gets $42.5 million over five years. $20 million guaranteed. Unsure for now how much of that is injury only. — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) March 9, 2014

The beauty of the service is that you don't even need the media to get the inside scoop. With so many players using Twitter, you can hear about a particular move right from the horse's mouth, so to speak. In the case of former New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, he alerted his followers (and the media) that he would not be returning to the Jets this past Sunday.

I would like 2 thank the Jets organization so much with helping me grow as leader and a player. S/O 2 my teammates I wish u guys the best. — ANTONIO CROMARTIE (@CRO31) March 9, 2014

Players also share their experiences as free agents, providing a glimpse into a world many have never been a part of. Former Texans running back Ben Tate, a free agent this year, has taken to twitter to try and prove the worth of a quality running back in today's game. — Ben Tate (@BenTateRB) March 7, 2014

Perhaps the coolest part of the real-time ticker is being able to see the exact instant when pen is put to paper. When the Seattle Seahawks signed Michael Bennett to a multi-year extension on Monday, they shared the actual moment with the rest of the football world.

Seahawks sign @mosesbread72 to multi-year extension. — Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) March 10, 2014

So, if you are looking to follow all the wild and crazy action of NFL free agency, I'd suggest giving Twitter a look. 

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