BWTB: Watt shines on Jimmy Kimmel Live


He's not just the best player in the NFL.

Defensive end J.J. Watt was a guest on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he played along with the late night talk show host. Actor Channing Tatum was also a guest, and rock band ZZ Top performed as well. Kimmel's opening monologue featured a skit in which Watt wandered onto the set looking for coffee, and then bolted out of the studio and through people on the sidewalk to a nearby coffee shop.

Later in the show, Kimmel asked Watt about growing up in Wisconsin, his family, how he dealt with signing a contract before the season started, and more.

Watt relayed stories about how he and his two younger brothers would have a 4:30 dinner, as well as a 6:30 dinner. The three growing boys also plowed through a gallon of milk a day, and Kimmel quipped that Watt was "like Paul Bunyan".

Watt was the MVP of the Pro Bowl on Sunday evening, and will find out on Saturday night if he's the 2014 NFL MVP at the annual awards show.

Texans players J.J. Watt and Duane Brown competed at the Pro Bowl.


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