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BWTB: Where were you for 19-10?


I wasn't here for the franchise's first game.

I work with a handful of people who were.




Those are a few words the people in attendance on September 8 of 2002 toss around when describing the night.

A Billy Miller touchdown. A Seth Payne/Gary Walker sandwich of Quincy Carter that resulted in a game-clinching safety. A roof-rattling atmosphere at NRG Stadium. It all added up to a 19-10 win over the Cowboys, and the Texans were off and running.

It was clearly a lot of fun, and these two videos do a great job of capturing the energy from that first game.

The two teams met again in 2006 and 2010, with the Cowboys coming out triumphant on both occasions. The stakes are different this time around. Both teams are 3-1, and it's the first time they've both entered the contest with a winning record.

Given the opponent for Week 5, now seemed like an appropriate time to bring that back up for conversation's sake.

Like I said above, I wasn't with the team yet. I was living in Dallas and watched the game that night at a party with friends. I was the only Houstonian in attendance, so naturally, I was a little obnoxious.

Where were you that night? How obnoxious were you? Let me know at the bottom of this page in the comments section, or tweet at me below. I'd like to know.


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