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By the Numbers: Texans travel to New Orleans for preseason finale 


The Texans take off for New Orleans on Saturday for the last game of the NFL's preseason on Sunday night. They played the first non-Hall of Fame preseason game of the preseason at New England and will play the last preseason game on Sunday night in New Orleans. Let's dive into my weekly By the Numbers for this week's matchup.

3 - The Saints have three former Texans in their secondary - Bradley Roby, Lonnie Johnson and Tyrann Mathieu.

58 - The last time the Texans played in New Orleans, New Orleans kicker Will Lutz nailed the game winning field goal from 58 heart breaking yards away in a week one MNF classic in 2019.

0 - The Texans don't have one player on the roster that generated a yard of total offense or registered a defensive stat in that 2019 matchup.

10 - Saints WR Michael Thomas had ten receptions in that Saints win in 2019

97 - Saints Pro Bowl RB Alvin Kamara generated 97 yards rushing in that Saints win over the Texans, in addition to 72 yards through the air.

12 - The Texans and the Saints met 11 times in the preseason prior to this matchup. The Texans have a 6-5 lead in the preseason series after winning last year at NRG 17-13.

They will meet in week six in Houston in the regular season, a series that the Saints lead 3-2.

6 - The Texans have won six of their eight preseason games since 2021.

35 - Texans RB Mike Boone led the Texans in receiving yards in the last game against the Miami Dolphins. He picked up 24 yards on one reception, finishing with 35 for the game.

1 - Texans LB Denzel Perryman interception was the first takeaway of the 2023 campaign last week. It also occurred on the first play of the game.

120 - The Dolphins ran for 205 yards against the Texans last week, but two plays accounted for 85 of the total. On the other 36 runs, the Dolphins ran for 120 yards, just over three yards per carry.

53 - The Texans, and every other team in the league, must get down to a 53-man roster by Tuesday August 29th at 3 PM CST. The Texans sit second on the waiver wire so at that point they can put in waiver claims on any player that was waived. If the Bears (first on the waiver wire) pass, the Texans will add the players that they make a claim on to the 53-man roster.

Well, those are a few numbers to whet the appetite for this weekend's matchup. See ya on Sunday!!

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