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Bye Week by the numbers | Daily Brew

It's time for a Bye Week Daily Brew: By the numbers - On Pace guy time. Now, we all know "On Pace Guy" - "If (insert player) did this over 17 games, (player X) is on pace for X number of yards, catches, tackles, etc…" So, let's project some serious numbers to have SOME FUN!

1,401 - If RB Dameon Pierce were to play 17 games and continue his five game pace, he would finish with over 1,400 yards rushing as a rookie. That would give him the third best rushing season in the history of the franchise. Arian Foster's 2010 (1616) and 2012 (1424) seasons would be the only two better seasons.

51 - If WR Nico Collins carried his five game pace for a full 17 games, he would finish with 18 more receptions than his rookie campaign.

925 - He's also on pace to record nearly 1k receiving yards, in comparison to his 446 last year. However, if Nico stays on pace with his last two games for the remaining 12 games…

1,154 - …Collins would finish with the 15th 1k receiving season in the history of the franchise.

82 - WR Brandin Cooks is on pace for 82 receptions through five games. In his first year in Houston, he had 81 receptions and then topped that with 90 in his second season in Houston. Only three receivers have multiple 80+ reception seasons in the history of the franchise. In fact, only three receivers have 80+ receptions in a single season - Andre Johnson (seven seasons), DeAndre Hopkins (four seasons) and Cooks has two 80+ reception seasons, looking for a third.

9 - The Texans have nine takeaways this season - six interceptions, two fumble recoveries on defense, one fumble recovery on special teams.

31 - The Texans are on pace to create 31 takeaways, one year after creating 25 takeaways in Lovie Smith's first year as the team's defensive coordinator in 2021.

20 - The Texans are on pace for 20 interceptions in 2022 after picking off 17 passes in 2021.

2.4 - The Texans are yielding the lowest sacks per game since 2016. In that 2016 season, the Texans OL gave up 32 sacks/2 sacks per game. The Texans gave up 2.6 sacks per game or more the past five seasons, but that number is trending down after the start to the 2022 season. That average drops to 2016 levels at 2.0 per game over the past three weeks (Bears, Chargers and Jaguars)
44 in 2021 (2.6)
50 in 2020 (3.1)
49 in 2019 (3.1)
62 in 2018 (3.9)
54 in 2017 (3.4)
32 in 2016 (2.0)

Alright, that'll do it for "On Pace Guy!" Have a great BYE weekend and we'll see you next Sunday in the Desert. VEGAS, BABY!! LET'S GO!!

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