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C.J. Stroud's convo with Tom Brady offers insight into rookie's mindset


C.J. Stroud's whirlwind week rolled on, and it did so with Tom Brady.

The Texans rookie was a guest on the legendary quarterback's 'Let's Go!' podcast this week, and along with host Jim Gray, the duo discussed motivations, Stroud's mentality entering a game, the responsibility he feels with his teammates and even what advice he had for children who are experiencing everyday struggles.

Stroud described how when he became a starter in 2021 at Ohio State, he knew his teammates Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson had hopes of becoming first round picks in the NFL Draft. Stroud wanted to help make that happen.

"Man, I do not want to let these guys down, so I'm going to work my tail off," Stroud said. "And then now going into the league, man, guys want to hit their contract and things like that and those things are real. I actually seen the video of you, Tom, the other day with Rob Gronkowski. One of your last games he needed a catch and you just kept feeding him. I was like, 'Man, that's cool because he's not letting him down.'"

The former Michigan Wolverine Brady even jokingly proposed a bet to the proud Buckeye. Their alma maters will meet on the football field in Ann Arbor a week from Saturday. Brady said he wanted Stroud's "youth, agility, time in the 40" as well as the rest of the years Stroud will play in the NFL if the Wolverines win. If the Buckeyes win, the 7-time Super Champ said he'd give Stroud one of his rings.

Stroud joked, however, "That's yours, bro. I want to get my own."

You can listen to the entire podcast **HERE**.

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