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Houston Texans

Charles James II does it all against the Saints

To Charles James II, it was the best touchdown in the history of touchdowns that didn't count.

James, who lined up at running back for several plays late in Sunday's game in New Orleans, ran 73 yards for a touchdown that was later nullified because of a holding call. James credited the offensive line for blocking and opening up a hole for him.

As for himself, this was the first time he has lined up on offense in an NFL game. He did so in high school "a little bit" and some in college at Charleston Southern.

"You know, I played offense in college, especially going into my senior year," James said. "I would get screens and stuff like that but never in the NFL. I played punt returner my rookie year when I was in New York and I got the ball in my hands then, but this has been a first since my New York days."

Head coach Bill O'Brien has used James II in all three phases: offense, defense, and special teams, throughout training camp and preseason. James hopes to make the most of the opportunity to make the team with impending roster cuts this week.

"For OB to give me that ball, it says a lot," James said. "It says, 'Hey man, we trust you enough to give you the ball because you are carrying the hopes and dreams of the team whether it's the preseason or the regular season.'"

In the meantime, James plans on keeping his non-touchdown football. He doesn't care if counts or not.

"Of course, I kept the ball," James said, laughing. "It's in my bag. They couldn't have gotten that ball back if they wanted to. I'm keeping that. That's getting framed, put in the house, I'm getting a tape, I'm getting a video, all that. It's going down in history. Best touchdown that didn't count. I don't care. Everybody can say it didn't count, I don't care."

The Texans and Saints tangled in New Orleans for a preseason game.

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