Coaches, Players Adapt to Home Training | Daily Brew

Last week's release of the schedule got us lathered up for Texans Football. Now we're all waiting for the green light on when the players and coaches can get together and when we all can finally see them.

Too many variables are in play to make predictions on how this might play out. We all want to see access to training camp and as many fans as possible in the stadium.

You've been reading reports on how international baseball and soccer leagues are handling their business and how the NBA, MLB and MLS are aiming to play their seasons without fans for the time being. The NFL is preparing for business as usual and has more time than the others to make that happen.

The football side of things is absolutely affected. Coaches and players are at home and have been going through virtual training. Defensive Coordinator Anthony Weaver made the point that when players hear a call they will certainly know what it is. They just need to get the mechanics down once they're able to get together as a group again.

The Chronicle's John McClain had us harkening back to shortened seasons in 1982 and 1987 to get a glimpse what could possibly happen in 2020. Let's not go there just yet.

The best comparison that applies to now is the lockout offseason of 2011. Then, there was zero contact with the players. The draft was held and the coaches got a few hours with the top picks but that was it.

Once camp began, it was a crash course. The Texans were breaking in the Wade Phillips defense for the first time. New players like Johnathan Joseph, Danieal Manning, J.J. Watt and Brooks Reed were getting their first taste of practice at the Houston Methodist Training Center.It all worked out okay as the Texans had their best season to date.

It's anybody's guess and subject to much speculation how the next few months will go. The preseason could begin three months from tonight. Here's to talking to you from the booth in Minnesota to get things rolling!

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