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If you thought the Texans would play the Cowboys and I wouldn't start thinking of all the elements of this rivalry beyond what goes on between the lines Saturday, you were wrong. 

The Cowboys will always hold special memories for the Texans, not because we like them but because the Texans beat them on opening night of franchise history 19-10. In fact, if you say "19 to 10" to a Texans fan, they should automatically know what you're talking about. 

I'd love to say Dallas is the Texans biggest rival but it can't be that way when you only play them every four years (there will be more chances now that there are 17 games but I'm not going over the scheduling formula because I'll be late for dinner). 

The Texans are 2-3 all time against Dallas and won the most recent meeting in 2018. It feels like we should see the Cowboys every year on the preseason schedule but it doesn't always work that way. I wish it did. 

One of the more memorable meetings with Big D was when the game wasn't even played. It was supposed to go down at NRG Stadium but Hurricane Harvey put the brakes on that. The Texans were playing in New Orleans preseason week 3 and had to fly to Dallas because Houston was out of the question. 

We spent a few days practicing at the Cowboys' facility, gearing up for a possible relocated game in Arlington but it never happened. Still, the Dallas organization could not have been nicer and more accommodating. It felt like a cease fire of whatever hard sports feelings you had about the Cowboys. 

Well, I'll always be grateful for their hospitality but business is business. It'll be time to get it on once more on Saturday night. I've been reading my notes and watching Hard Knocks to get ready.  

Back to the schedule. If the league ever goes to 18 games I vote for having two designated rivals outside of your division that you play every year. You need two because in certain parts of the country, there are teams that would want to each claim the same rival, like the Giants being coveted by the Jets and Patriots. 

But I think it's a solid idea. I'll be here in my office waiting for a call from the Commish to pick my brain.  

Come to think of it, that will definitely make me late for dinner. And Christmas. And Valentine's Day and…. 

Catch the Texans and Cowboys Saturday night at 7 on ABC 13, Sports Radio 610 and The Bull 100.3 FM

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