Daily Brew: Memories from the fourth preseason game

Wait, what?!

Who would do a piece on memories from the fourth preseason game?!

Me, of course.

And by the time we're through you'll give a head nod that this was a good idea. Maybe.

I call this 'the last house on the left' game. For so many players, it might be their last game. Ever. So let that sink in for a moment.

When I think of this game, 2013 comes to mind. Case Keenum got the start. It was his second season after spending Year 1 on the practice squad, sometimes portraying a receiver or defensive back on the scout team.

The Texans soundly beat Dallas that night. Keenum made the active roster and eventually started eight games that year. He'll start for Washington next week. Don't tell him the fourth preseason game isn't important.

The backup QB job was stolen in this game in 2009. Dan Orlovsky started but Rex Grossman came off the bench to throw two TDs and take the second spot on the depth chart behind Matt Schaub.

Think the starters never play in this game? Well, in 2002, rookie David Carr played into the second quarter against Tampa Bay. It was actually the fifth preseason game for the Texans, who also appeared in the Hall of Fame game. Carr left the game with a bruised knee (yikes) but came back on opening night against the Cowboys to make history.

If you think Game 4 performances mean nothing, go back to 2005. Carr started, as the Texans tried to jump start their offense. But two picks in the first quarter ended his evening on a sour note as the Texans were about to go 2-14.

However, the Texans were drilled by Minnesota 28-0 in the fourth game of the 2011 preseason and would go on to finish 10-6 and get into the postseason for the first time. Because so many players participate who won't be on the final 53-man roster, the action is not a great indicator of what the season will bring.

No matter what the result, pay attention to the individual performances, especially on special teams. This is an evaluation game and extremely important for those participating.

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