Daily Brew: Unfamiliar territory

This is only the third trip to Arrowhead Stadium in Texans history. Of course the Texans have played there some in the preseason, and as recently as last year.

But comparing the preseason Arrowhead environment to the one we'll see Sunday is like comparing my kid's swing set to Disney World.

I interviewed Chiefs radio color commentator Kendall Gammon, who played for them. He said it sounds like a jet engine on the sideline. That offensive linemen can stand right next to each other but not hear each other. Yes, the silent count will certainly come into play.

Arrowhead has the technical record as the world's loudest stadium, registering a ridiculous 142.2 decibels at its peak. That's five more than Seattle's home field.

My buddy Drew Dougherty tells me that he's never heard a road stadium louder than the Superdome this year. And Drew was in K.C. the last time the Texans played there, in 2013 (Case Keenum's first NFL start).

I'll take Drew's word for it. But loud is loud. And to me, there's nothing quite like the lion's den feel that Arrowhead has. It's deafening and intimidating. But hey, I'm just the announcer.

The first two Texans visits to Arrowhead span years of franchise history. In 2004, Houston avoided an 0-3 start by escaping with a win on a late Kris Brown field goal. Marcus Coleman had a coast-to-coast pick-six off of Trent Green.

In 2013, Keenum had a nice first half. And the Texans eventually fell by one point.

That feels like a hundred years ago. Only five players remain from that squad. This is a new era and could be the start of many great battles between Deshaun Watson and Pat Mahomes, between two teams hungry for a title.

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