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Duane Brown's reading rally challenge


Texans left tackle Duane Brown has always been passionate about reading.

That enthusiasm, which began when he was a boy, is the reason why Brown annually participates in the United Way of Greater Houston's "Readers Do Something About It" Reading Rally.

"It's a great feeling, doing this every year," Brown said. "Reading was very important in my household. I started at a very young age, just an assortment of books, and it still carries with me to this day."

On Tuesday, Brown surprised students at Atherton Elementary and challenged them to read at least 20 books between now and March 2017.

"Having the platform I have, to be able to do something like this and have an impact on the community and on children's lives, it means a lot to me," Brown said.

To help promote reading, Brown led a variety of educational and fun activities, including trivia. Each student took home four books, recognizing that a lack of access to books can hinder a child's reading progress.

Brown explained that reading is cool, and by starting at a young age, it can provide a platform for future success. That's where the 20-book challenge comes in.

"Give them an incentive and give them a challenge to read and to take a lot of pride in it and have something they are working towards," Brown said. "Reading can always change the trajectory of kids' lives, being literate."

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