Enemy Intel: The Broncos are talking about the Texans

Denver head coach Vic Fangio on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "He's still the same player he's always been, but he's just improved in every area. He's obviously throwing the ball a lot better, more consistently. He's always been a great improviser and he's even gotten better at that. They've taken advantage of his ability to run the ball with some of the gun, zone read, quarterback potential run driven plays and they're a very tough assignment to try to slow down."

Denver CB Kareem Jackson on Watson: "It's obviously tough defending against a quarterback that is a dual threat, that can run just as well as he can pass the ball. With those weapons that he has, definitely gotta try to keep him in the pocket. In the secondary we've got to be sticky in coverage. We're going to have to plaster because he can keep the play alive.

Denver defensive coordinator Ed Donatell on the Texans receivers: "They're very good. No one defense will stop these guys. The quarterback multiplies the stress you have because he can extend plays, and you have to play the second play, and you're chasing around three really fast guys that are accomplished receivers."

Fangio on the Texans receivers, Will Fuller V and DeAndre Hopkins: "It's maybe even extremely more difficult because Hopkins is on the field with him, and that's a guy you have to worry about too, obviously. Any time you have two or more guys you have to worry about, that can give you some sleepless nights leading up to the game. They're really a great combination, those two guys."

Donatell on Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins: He brings an energy. When you see him release off contact, he's going to fight you. He has a huge catch radius. You've got to hang in there. You've got to match his physicality.

Fangio on Texans CB Bradley Roby: "He's a good corner. He has good man-to-man skills, he can shadow most receivers, he can be sticky at times on his guy and he's always been a player that's had ability to cover."

Denver offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello on the Texans defense: "Their scheme is very efficient. It's going to be a lot of 1-on-1, man type of situations."

Fangio on Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel: "You never know what RAC is going to do on defense. I'm sure he'll mix it up with some pressure and some coverage and maybe a look or two that we haven't seen from him yet. So, it will be difficult."

For the fourth year, the NFL gave players the opportunity to highlight causes important to them through the My Cause My Cleats initiative. Players will wear custom-designed cleats reflecting their commitment to charitable causes this weekend. More than 35 Texans players are participating.