The Leftovers: Big December, roster movement & more

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. He answered a few questions from fans in the video above, and many more in the article below.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, I wanna know your thoughts on something: why would the schedule-maker have us playing the Titans twice in the final 3 weeks? Doesn't make sense to me.
DD: There are so many variables that come into play when the schedule gets made. The schedule-makers would've likely preferred that not happen as well, but you have 32 teams. Some of them have to play games in London and Mexico City. Some of them share a stadium with a college or even another NFL team. Some of these stadiums have other events that have already been booked and can't change. The NFL tries to accomodate, but this is what they gave the Texans and Titans.

Joe King Calderon: Dear Drew, With the Texans beating the Patriots, can they keep that same momentum for the remainder of the season and maybe postseason?
DD: Can they? Sure. Will they? That's what we'll see over the next four games. Sunday night showed, again, what the Texans can do when they're firing on all cylinders with all those weapons at Watson's disposal.

Jay Miller: Dear Drew, What are the chances of the Texans getting a first round bye and what is the most likely scenario in which that would happen?
DD: It'll be tough, but it's certainly possible. The most likely way it would happen is this: the Texans win their final four and the Patriots lose this weekend to Kansas City and in two weeks to the Bills. That's a lot easier said than done, because both those games are in New England. But if the Texans and Patriots had the same record at the end of the season, Houston would have the edge because of the win on Sunday night.

Shannon Budaus: Dear Drew, Can you explain to us why when catching a ball on the sidelines that 2 feet have to be down before its ruled an incomplete catch, and just the ball touching the endzone line counts as a touchdown, but that one Will Fuller V catch in the endzone was ruled incomplete because he didn't take 3 steps?
DD: That was frustrating, for sure, but luckily Deshaun Watson found Kenny Stills on the next play for a score. Ultimately, it was a hell of a throw by Watson, and a hell of a catch by Fuller. But the refs said the ball came loose and it didn't count.

Kay Milder: Dear Drew, Is there really a very good possibility that J.J. Watt could return to the field in time for the playoffs, or is this just wishful thinking?
DD: He was asked about it on the Sunday night broadcast, and he said he'll do what the doctors tell him and his rehab is going well. I wouldn't rule anything out, and I certainly wouldn't bet against that guy.

Stan Ford Mazyck: Dear Drew, Will the Texans ever run a hb slip screen?
DD: Sure, why not? Bill O'Brien and offensive coordinator Tim Kelly have a lot of options at their disposal, and I bet that's one of them. We've seen how valuable Duke Johnson is in this offense.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, With 4 games to go, what do you think the best move is so far made by #OBGM?
DD: There are many. But I still have to go with the Miami trade. You acquired perhaps the best left tackle in the game, and a very valuable offensive weapon. Watson has better protection in Laremy Tunsil and another great receiver to throw to in Kenny Stills.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, How do you think its gonna work out when Lamar Miller is healthy next year?
DD: That'll be cool to see when he returns. He's rehabbing and around the building, and it's great to see him. Miller's beloved by his teammates, as well as the coaching staff. Adding him to the offense gives the Texans more ammo for next year.

Scott Roberts: Dear Drew, Do you believe Watson should be the starting Pro Bowl QB?
DD: No. He should start in the Super Bowl. But he's definitely a Pro Bowler if I have a vote.

Charles Davis: Dear Drew, I am curious if there are any atheist or agnostic players. Nothing against the religious, as it is easy to see it in their posts/messages.
DD: No clue. But it wouldn't surprise me.

Kevin Arnold: Dear Drew, Do you like our tree? Each bulb has a different player's name and number on it?
DD: It's outstanding. Love it.

Ramiro Rodriguez Dear Drew, Our offense was brilliant. Our defense menacing. In particular J. Jo played shut down all game. How good did this win feel to some of our veteran players (and coaches) to finally beat the "big bad" Patriots?
DD: It was awesome. None of the players or coaches was here in 2009 when it last happened. But guys like Joseph, Mercilus and Weeks had been here for the eight-game losing streak that began in 2012. They all say, however, it won't mean as much if they don't take care of business here in December.

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