Enemy Intel: The Titans are talking about the Texans

Titans head coach Mike Vrabel on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "He's a fantastic player. He just is athletic, he's smart, he's got very good play strength to ward off defenders in the pocket, he's got a strong arm, he's got a belief in himself that any time he has the football in his hands he's going to be able to make a huge play for his team. It's a tough challenge."

Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees on Watson: "The play's never over. It's like the play starts three seconds after the snap. He's never down. It's never over until you hear the whistle and the guy's down.

Titans CB Logan Ryan on Watson and his ability to extend plays: "He's one of the best at it, but he also gives up the most sacks in the League. So it's an opportunity. He makes a lot of plays off of the play extension. He also throws interceptions."

Vrabel on how to defend Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins: "You just have to be able to stay as physical as you can. Understand that they're going to throw it to him in tightly contested windows. His play strength is very good, he's got great hands, his ability to make catches on the sideline probably second to none and he's got a very good knack of being able to sit down in zone coverage and understand where he needs to be in relationship with the quarterback."

Titans S Kevin Byard on Hopkins: "He's a great receiver. He runs really good routes. He has the best hands in the NFL…He makes big plays down the field."

Ryan on Hopkins: "He's a warrior. For seven years now, I came in the League the same year. He's been highly productive every year. Teams double him every week. Teams put the best guy on him every week, he's still productive. It's going to take a total team effort."

Vrabel on Texans WR Will Fuller, V: "Just a dynamic speed player, vertical threat, but he can run. I remember when we were evaluating him and Billy (Bill O'Brien) fell in love with this guy in the draft process. He said he could run the entire route tree, but he's also one of the faster players in the draft. So, he's not just a fast player that can take the top off of it, he can run the entire route tree in the offense."

Pees on Fuller: "He could be a number one receiver for a lot of teams without 10 (Hopkins). If 10 wasn't there, he'd be the number one receiver. They've basically got two number ones."

Vrabel on Texans TE Darren Fells: "A lot of touchdowns. A big, long target, athletic, he's improving as a blocker, seems to be very reliable the closer you get to the end zone."

Vrabel on Texans NT D.J. Reader: "D.J. has continued to improve his pass rush, his ability to affect the passer. He's a great run defender, his technique is always very good."

Vrabel on Texans ILB Zach Cunningham: "He's only gotten better, more instinctive, more explosive. He can run through you, he can run around you, he's long, he's a very good tackler. You see him rarely miss tackles."