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Houston Texans

Football 101: Speed kills with Tyler Ervin


See below.


On that punt return, he flashed it all. The speed to get to the corner. The ability to make a guy miss in space. The burst up the field to threaten the end zone. The toughness to break an open field tackle. One final cut. One final sprint to the end zone.

When's the last time that you saw a Texan do THAT? Sure, it's just college in the Mountain West, but he's faster and more explosive than anyone else on the a mile.

The Texans have never fielded such an explosive rookie class and these three have an outstanding opportunity to prove the old Cliff Branch adage to be true.

Speed kills.

It certainly does.

The Texans took San Jose St. RB Tyler Ervin in the 4th round with the 119th pick.

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