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I knew that this headline would attract video game addicts. As the father of a teenager who I contemplated checking into Fortnite rehab, I understand the power of the word, but really this is here because it's the amount of time until Texans Training Camp presented by Xfinity gets rolling.

We are two weeks away from the first practice. Even slightly less, as you read this.

Today the Texans announced their practice dates and they'll be at it earlier than ever – two and a half weeks prior to their preseason opener at Green Bay. Even in year one they didn't get this kind of ramp-up to game action.

It's season 20 and we're coming out of the pandemic (fingers crossed, please). Fans will be back at the Houston Methodist Training Center for the first time in two years. There are five practices with season ticket members in attendance and the energy will be palpable.

As you already know, you'll get a heavy dose of coverage from us – Texans Radio will be onsite for the 20th season in a row (OK, for the first ten years it was the Sports Radio 610 Morning Show, but for the last nine it's been Texans Radio with yours truly. John Harris joined the fray in 2014 and the coverage has never been better).

We also do pre practice coverage on social media. A notable season of this was when the D-line played foursquare prior to each session at the Greenbrier and Drew Dougherty went all-in and just started calling the feed the 'Foursquare Network.' It got a lot of play. So much so that the coaching staff showed the video at a team meeting for a few laughs. Post practice we have everything from a digital TV show to articles to Texans All Access from 6-7 p.m. CT on Sports Radio 610.

Practice begins on July 28. There will be an off day on Sunday, August 1st then six sessions in a row including a rare night practice on Saturday, August 7 at 7 p.m. CT. Night practices were a normal occurrence in the first few years of Texans history. I remember a joint practice with the Broncos under the lights in 2005. I also remember Gary Kubiak hiring a Zydeco band for another evening session a few years later.

After another day off, it's four more practices until the team flies to Green Bay for Preseason Game 1.

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