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Foster's accent gets mixed reviews across the pond

According to well-placed sources, Arian Foster has some work to do.

Not on the field mind you, where the Texans running back crossed the 1,000 yard mark in the team's 27-13 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, but in the accent department.

In case you somehow missed it, Foster, who does have an acting credit on his resume (he starred in Draft Day opposite Kevin Costner), spoke to the media in a 'British' accent this past week.

The video (you can watch it above), is now the fourth most watched in history of The press conference literally went viral, as even Great Britain based and Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper 'The Guardian' ran a story about it. The newspaper, which called Foster's accent 'passable', was one of many media outlets that enjoyed critiquing the mannerisms of the running back's press conference.

In our offices, the reviews were mixed. While all thought his attempt was funny, there wasn't a consensus as to whether the accent was actually good or not. So, with that in mind, I decided to go right to the source....Texans fans in Great Britain. 

This past Saturday, I posed the question on Facebook. What did they think of Foster's accent?

I learned a lot. First off...according to Texans fan John Burns there is "no such thing as a British accent". Burns however did call Foster's attempt "good". James Hayward said he'd "give his English accent a 6 out of 10."

Steven Daniels thought it sounded all too familiar. "His English accent was more like Dick Van Dyke's from Mary Poppins. Needs a bit more work, sure he'll perfect it when you come over here to play!!"

Others weren't as forgiving. Several people referenced the character Basher from Ocean's 11 while Olie Moore applauded the effort but suggested Foster "stick to running though".

Perhaps the biggest take away from the conversation was the amount of Texans fans across the pond. Fans commented on where they were from and even made plans to meet up in the future. Jake Regen summed it up best: "I'm amazed how many British Houston Texans fans there are," he said.

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