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This is the time of year when fans and media are susceptible to 'phantom anger.'

It isn't real anger. It's projected anger over thinking of what your favorite NFL team MIGHT do or not do in free agency.

You see, there's very little else going on right now – until we get to the Combine and begin free agency. So there's a tendency to look ahead and generate emotion based on things that you're not even sure will happen.

This is like getting mad over poor restaurant service before you even park. Or your Dad scolding you for failing a final you haven't taken yet. Or weekend traffic on I-45 North when it's still Thursday (actually, go ahead and get mad over this one. You know it's going to happen).

There's a camp that thinks the Texans should go 'all-in' and drain the cap to bring in high priced, pro bowl free agents in an effort to go all the way.

There's another camp that thinks you should sprinkle in a free agent or several but largely build through the draft.

Then there's me and a bunch of folks that thinks it's definitely a mix. Last season, the Texans didn't break the bank in free agency but they brought in several who made huge contributions and/or had career years, like Devin Singletary.

When you start looking at free agent lists you might find yourself ready to get out that metaphorical salary cap credit card and start spending. But buyer beware! League history is loaded with stories of teams that went hard in free agency only to find themselves without the desired results and with a cap problem that resembles my credit card debt in my 20's (I won't elaborate here on this reference but trust me – always pay the full monthly amount).

We had John McClain on Texans All Access to forecast how he thought the Texans would approach this important time of year. 

I always like hearing the thoughts of a couple of players who have paid their dues in the league. ND Kalu hosts Texans OG's and he welcomed GameDay MC and former Texans wideout Cecil Shorts III to his show. Cecil's story is interesting, and he took time away from raising his seven kids to talk to ND about the current Texans and his background. 

Finally, how many of us can withstand, never mind thrive through a massive career change in our late 30's? That's what Sean Pendergast did on his way to becoming one of the top Sports Radio hosts in the nation. I got his whole story on the VanderPod and it’s epic. 

Next week, I'll be at the NFL Scouting Combine for my 11th visit. You can bet I'll be name dropping and many of you will be eye-rolling but there's never a dull moment.

Till then – Go Texans!

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