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It's been the kind of week where you don't get too far away from your phone. I'm actually on vacation. It's a terrible incongruent characteristic of the universe that Spring Break lines up with the start of free agency.

We climbed Enchanted Rock (Northwest of Austin. I highly recommend this unique Texas destination) and I felt panicky when I lost my signal. 'What signings will I miss!?'

My family eye-rolled me as I attempted to do a show promo Instagram post from the highest point on the rock. Work-life balance out of whack! I've been doing a radio segment every night.

Can you blame me? It's the NFL's shopping spree and you don't want to miss a thing. I'm already asking for the new uniform numbers so I can get a jump on these new players.

The Jaguars put out a GIF of someone continuously pushing the F5 key (F5 is for refreshing. I actually had to look that up. Who uses the F keys? Programmers? People who still have a Commodore 64? I digress).

All GMs have been busy, but Nick Caserio has been in overdrive. I joked on Monday how he'd need to have his phone plugged in at all times. Smoke must be coming out it with all the acquisitions being made. Names won't be officially released by the team until all the paperwork, including physicals, is in the books.

It's safe to say the Texans have added good players in the trenches, on defense as a whole, in the locker room and in the backfield. Of course there are some unanswered big questions. But this is a promising start.

And it's not just Texans info that I'm refreshing my Twitter feed for either. The rest of the AFC South is changing shape as we speak. Jacksonville is trying to rekindle the 2017 successful free agent binge. And the defending champion Titans certainly don't look any worse, on paper. The Colts have previously been more prolific during this time, but they do have a new QB and the year is young.

It's an exciting time. Everyone is 0-0. Let's see where it goes.

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