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"Full speed ahead" for Texans decision-makers | Daily Brew

Since DeMeco Ryans was hired, the decision-makers for the Texans have been busy.

Rounding out a coaching staff, evaluating players on the current roster and prepping for the 2023 NFL Draft are just a few things Houston's done the past two weeks.

General Manager Nick Caserio, in a Wednesday Texans Radio interview with Marc Vandermeer and John Harris, explained how he, Ryans and coaches and scouts have "been immersed in a little bit of everything" during a "great" time for the franchise.

"First and foremost was the focus on the coaching staff," Caserio said. "Trying to solidify the staff. We went through a process there last week, multiple moving parts, but just trying to identify some different people and coaches that we thought would be a fit for what we're doing. So that was the primary focus."

While the new assistants haven't been announced, Caserio said "the majority of the staff" is now in place.

"We've kind of transitioned to the new staff familiarizing themselves with our team," Caserio said. "To have an understanding of what we have here, both players on the roster and then players that will be free agents before we transition to looking at players externally in terms of who's going to be available, league-wide."

Meanwhile, after spending the bulk of the autumn on the road, with the Combine and Pro Days ahead over the month and change, the college scouts are back inside NRG Stadium.

"We're going through our second round of draft meetings," Caserio said. "This is a little bit more granular in terms of the evaluation. We actually talk about the player, what's the role, what's the vision, what's the grade, how do we see that player."

Caserio also explained how the Texans will try to use time at the Combine to visit with some players—typically underclassmen—they've not previously met.

The third-year general manager described this time as a bit of a "balancing act" for everyone involved but was enthused by the "full speed ahead" mentality of the organization.

The Combine begins in less than two weeks in Indianapolis.

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