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Greater Houston Senior Football Showcase opens door to college football for 500-plus kids

National Signing Day came and went last week and thousands of high schoolers put pen to paper to take the next step in their football journey.

A few hundred kids in the Houston area did not, but they did something about it this weekend.

The 14th annual Greater Houston Senior Football Showcase was held at the Houston Methodist Training Center on Saturday. Football players slated to graduate in May and June, who didn't sign scholarship offers with colleges yet, went through a combine of sorts for over 50 colleges in attendance. 568 kids registered for the showcase, pushing the all-time number of participants the past decade-plus, to over 4,500.

In front of coaches and representatives from Division II, Division III and NAIA colleges, the high school players went through drills on the field. Those drills were position-group specific and were run by area high school coaches and NFL alumni. After the on-field wok concluded, the players met with the college coaches in attendance, as well as reps from the schools' admissions and financial aid offices to discuss financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Schools from as far away as the Maine Maritime Academy, or closer to home like Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX have been in attendance over the years.

In order to try out, the players needed a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher, an SAT score of 970 or higher or an ACT of 18 or better.

The showcase began in 2009 under the direction of former Milby High School Head Coach Phil Camp and Academic Advisor Coby Rhoden. Camp's now the Executive Director of the showcase and since it began, over 1,350 kids have accepted nearly $130 million in financial aid.

The Houston Texans hosted over 400 student-athletes from Houston-area high schools for their annual Senior Showcase. Each high school senior had the chance to show off their football skills in front of 45 colleges to earn scholarships.

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