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How'd he do it? Breakdowns of J.J. Watt's greatest plays


The decade J.J. Watt spent in Houston was littered with some of the greatest moments in this organization's history. Most Texans fans rattle them off with regularity.

The pick six against Cincinnati in the first-ever Texans playoff game.

20 sacks in 2012

20 sacks again in 2014

Three time Defensive MVP.

Arguably, the greatest season any defender ever put together on an NFL field in 2014.

His last pick six, the last TD of his career against Detroit in an empty Ford Field.

But we all know that he was just as good off the field as he was on. I shared my personal story when he departed in 2021 that still gives me chills as I reflect on what he did for my son.

Over the years, I did more breakdowns of J.J's great plays than any other…and for good reason. They were outstanding and he was great all the time.

Here is a breakdown of The Sack that turned around a playoff game v. Buffalo in 2019 Wild Card game

I broke down his 100th sack that came in the 2020 season at Jacksonville.

The last TD of his career was a Pick Six against Detroit in 2020.

Before he was hurt in 2017, he completely destroyed the Patriots run game in Foxoboro.

I feel like there are so many more moments, but that should extinguish most of your Monday as we all celebrate the greatness of one Justin James Watt.

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