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How Tremon Smith lobbied to line up at RB | Daily Brew

When DB Tremon Smith lined up at running back against the Los Angeles Chargers, it was a long time coming. Smith had been planting the idea in Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly's ear about getting a chance to play on offense.

"I been bugging T.K. about it," Smith said last week. "I haven't talked to Coach Culley much about it, but I've definitely been in T.K.'s ear, and he knows. Let's go. Let me get something."

In the third quarter of the Houston Texans' 41-29 win, Smith rushed for a seven-yard carry, the first rushing attempt of his NFL career. Several years ago, during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Head Coach Andy Reid tried Smith out at both running back and wide receiver.

"I probably got like four or five carries in the preseason game," Smith said. "I actually then I moved out to receiver that same preseason and ended up making the 53-man roster in 2019 and moved right back to defensive backs. Coach Big Red was just testing me just to see if I could actually do it and I held up."

Smith, a former quarterback in high school, holds the Saks High School record for most career touchdowns with 16 touchdown passes and 20 rushing. He joked that he often would throw the ball 60 to 70 yards in front of Reid in the hopes of convincing him to line him up on offense.

"I'm like, Coach, I still got it," Smith said, laughing. "So he's like, All right now, I'm going to hold you to it."

After the Week 15 win at Jacksonville, Smith earned AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors following his 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. A week later, Smith finally got what he had been asking for – another shot at running back.

"We knew we were going to run some outside stuff on this team and we knew speed was important," Culley said. "Tremon runs very well, and he's been asking for that anyway. So, we use him in that situation, and obviously he helped us today."

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