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Hunting for a Win | Daily Brew


I was in my living room Christmas Eve and there it was – a playoff picture graphic on Sunday Night Football, complete with the Texans in the 'In the hunt' column.

That's what I wanted for Christmas back when training camp started. John Harris and I talked about it during our radio shows. If the Texans could be considered an 'in the hunt' team in December, that would be a huge step.

The three seasons prior it was more like 'in player evaluation' than in any playoff hunt.

But here we are. And as rough as last weekend was, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter. This is the NFL where all that matters is next week – as long as there is a next week.

I know what you've been doing – reading about the NFL tie-breaker process. Preparing taxes for a foreign business on American soil is less complicated.

Just know that winning is the most important ingredient. And what's next requires another all-you-got effort against the Tennessee Titans.

Didn't we just see this movie recently? Well, here comes the quickie sequel. Remember that the Texans bottled up Derrick Henry to a historically bad performance. And we're talking NFL history, not just match up history.

But Henry was back last week, giving the playoff-pushing Seahawks all they can handle. Ryan Tannehill was in the hole, filling in for an injured Will Levis. Where's Zack Mettenberger when you need him?

I've seen some long injury reports this season but I'm betting Wednesday's tally, post-practice, will have me close to hyperventilating.

The Texans were battling against the Browns with two defensive ends and two safeties who weren't with the squad when the season began. Heck, two of the four weren't with the team on Thanksgiving.

No one is going to care about the injury woes. This whole season has had a next-man-up mentality and that's what it's going to take Sunday.

It's back in the division and another bell-to-bell street fight with the Titans, to keep the postseason hopes alive.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

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