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It's the Players… Not the Plays | Daily Brew

Players' strengths, rather than the plays, are most important in Pep Hamilton's offense.

Whether it was Barry Switzer or Jimmy Johnson or any other number of prominent coaching legends, they famously used a variation of the saying "It's not the Xs and the Os, but the Jimmys and the Joes that make the difference." The Texans new offensive coordinator is echoing that sentiment.

"We want to take our system and continually acclimate our system to our playmakers," Hamilton said at the conclusion of the offseason program last week. "Our identity will be all about the players that we have in the system. It's not going to be about plays."

The differences between a Hamilton-led offense and ones of the past eight seasons will be on full display once the regular season begins September 11 versus the Colts at NRG Stadium. Running Back Rex Burkhead, entering his 10th NFL season, shared a little about what the new offense will entail.

"Very multiple, do a lot of different things," Burkhead said. "It's not just a one-track offense. It's been fun. He knows how to use his guys and whatever skill sets they have, put them in the right positions to succeed."

For the offensive linemen, the new offense is something about which they're excited. Four-year veteran Tytus Howard thinks the Texans can take a step forward in 2022, after winning a combined eight games the past two seasons.

"We love the offense," Howard said. "Pep is doing a pretty good job with mixing in run and play-action pass, and giving the offensive line a chance to get the rhythm going. All the guys like it, and I feel like with this group we have, we can make a huge step from where we were the past couple years."

The Texans are off until the start of training camp, which begins at the end of July. The first preseason game is at home versus the Saints on August 13.

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