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Jacob Martin not only wants people to get out and vote, he's also helping them get to the polls.

"We have our Rush to the Polls going on right now where we're taking shuttles and buses from multiple locations throughout the city," Martin said Monday. "As long as you are eligible to vote in Harris County you can vote anywhere, at any polling site. We have a text or call number that you can find on my Instagram or social media handles and they get taken care of, for elderly people or people that can't get around or who needs transportation to the polls."

Martin has been involved in voting initiative, Rush to Register and Rush to the Polls, which began at a weekly food drive. As he helped to hand out food, Martin realized it was also a great opportunity to register people to vote.

"Right now, for about a month or so now, I've had an initiative Rush to Register and Rush to The Polls," Martin said. "I partnered with Harvest Time Church and Bishop (Shelton) Bady and their congregation and their ministries to help me better serve the community. How it started was they do a food drive every Tuesday and we were just out there handing out food and the need was to get people to register as well. We would have the food drive I would have people who needed to register to vote register while they were there picking up some food."

The Houston Texans linebacker became more involved after talking with teammate Michael Thomas, who currently serves as the NFLPA vice president. Signed by the Texans this offseason, Thomas, one of the league's most active players in the community, was awarded the 2020 Ira D. Hall award by Stanford University for his extraordinary commitment to social justice, community organizing and public service. 

"All the initiatives and things that he's been involved with over the years, it's really easy to ask a guy like that where to start," Thomas said.

The Houston Texans and NFL league offices will be closed for Election Day on Tuesday.

Houston Texans Linebacker, Jacob Martin, visited cancer patients virtually this week in celebration of Kids Day presented by Texas Children's Hospital. The Houston Texans Foundations also donated $250,000 to Texans Children's Hospital in support of its pediatric inpatient rehabilitation unit. This gift names the unit's gym and transformed it with encouraging phrases and Texans colors. The donation will also provide resources to help enhance the quality of life for these patients.

📸 Texas Children's Hospital

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