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John Harris ranks top Texans alternative uniform combinations | Daily Brew

On Thursday, the NFL approved a measure that got me thinking about the Texans, of course. The NFL, essentially, rescinded a rule that said that teams could only use "one helmet" during an NFL season. The rule was originally put back in place in 2013 as a safety measurement and if any of you old schoolers like me remember breaking in a football helmet, it's h-e-double hockey sticks to break in a helmet.

However, unlike back in the day for us old schoolers, the technology on helmets has improved significantly and, in all honesty, the colleges have been wearing multiple helmets for a while. Shoot, Oregon seems to have a different one every single week. But, I digress. It was time to get back to those days.

The Buccaneers and their owner Joel Glazer have been pushing for this rule to change for two years, mainly because they want to wear their throwback Bucco Bruce/Creamsicle helmet/jersey combination. The Creamsicles without the Bucco Bruce would look, well, not so good. But, the Buccaneers aren't the only ones that "won" on Thursday. The "Old school Pat the Patriot snapping the ball" helmet can make a comeback in New England. The Eagles can don the Kelly Green that was standard for decades in the 50s, 60s and 70s in Philadelphia. The Tennessee Titans can...okay, I'm not going there.

Now, the Texans are the only team in the league to wear throwbacks and current jerseys all at the same time. HA! See what I did there? Anyhow, this rule got me thinking about what is the best combination of Texans outfits on gameday and, with this new rule, some different combinations to discuss. Here are just a few of the combinations that have worked and some that might need to be put into play!

  1. Liberty White with the Blue standard helmet
  2. Liberty White with the alternate red helmet that we haven't seen - use your imagination, people! I think I'd LOVE this.
  3. Deep Steel Blue/Color Rush - one of the players favorites
  4. Battle Red jersey/pants, blue helmet
  5. Battle Red jersey/white pants/blue helmet
  6. Battle Red jersey/white pants/red helmet
  7. Battle Red jersey/blue pants/blue helmet - Jacksonville in 2016 - last time and perhaps only time they used this combination.
  8. What about Battle Red jersey/white pants/WHITE helmet?
  9. What about Liberty white with a WHITE helmet? (Kind of a road Texas Longhorn look or Stormtrooper circa 2012 Texas A&M look)

On Thursday's Texans All Access, Marc Vandermeer asked me what my favorite combination is or would be. I said Number 6 - Battle Red jersey/white pants/RED helmet. Make that helmet chrome or matte RED and you can stamp my approval on that thing today.

What's your favorite? What would be your alternate helmet color - white or red? Think on it a bit, but it became clear to me that I liked football fashion more than I originally thought. You probably do too.

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