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Key numbers ahead of Week 2 | Daily Brew

It's Week 2 and the Texans still don't have a win…or a loss. The 20-20 result wasn't hindsight; it was the first tie in the NFL since a Lions/Steelers tie back in November 2021. It was the first…wait, what am I doing? I'm giving out all my quantitative ammunition. This is a Daily Brew: By the Numbers so let's rock!

1 - The Texans now have a one in the far right hand column of their scoreboard ledger after the first tie in team history.

31 - But…they are not the last team in the NFL to register a tie. The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't played in a tie game since joining the NFL in 1995. 31 other teams now have a tie and the Jaguars stand alone, so to speak.

1099 - The number of days between the Texans tie and the last Week One tie in the NFL. On September 8, 2019, the Lions and Cardinals played to a 27-27 tie.

9 - The number of days between Texans TE O.J. Howard's signing with the Texans and playing against the Colts in the opener.

2 - The two touchdowns scored by the Texans came courtesy of…O.J. Howard, in Houston for all of nine days.

2 - The Texans have won two of the last three in Denver. In 2012, the Texans put together one of the best performances in their history in a 31-25 win over Peyton Manning and crew. In 2016, the Texans lost on Monday Night Football, but rebounded for a 19-17 win in 2018, the last time the Texans were in Denver.

3 - The Texans have faced Denver QB Russell Wilson three times prior to Sunday.

3 - Wilson has led his team to a victory over the Texans in each of those starts (2013, 2017, 2021). This will be Wilson's first start against the Texans as a Bronco.

2 - The Texans have two players on their roster from the last time they beat the Broncos back in 2018.

0 - The Texans don't have a position player on the roster from the last time they beat the Broncos back in 2018. LS Jon Weeks and K Kai'mi Fairbairn are the only current players on the 2022 roster that were on that 2018 roster. Those two were instrumental in that win over the Broncos in 2018 as Fairbairn nailed the game winning field goal into a 40-45 mph swirling wind in the fourth quarter.

5,280 - There are that many feet in a mile and that's the sign that you see as you walk into the Stadium. It's quite intimidating, but Mile High Stadium is exactly that - a Stadium at a mile high in elevation.

24 - Although it feels as if Davis Mills has been around for a decade, this game Sunday marks just the 24th start of his professional AND college career.

160 - Russell Wilson will start for the 160th time in his NFL career. When adding in his college starts…

210 - …Wilson has started 210 games throughout his professional and college career.

Alright, that's going to do it for Week 2 and By the Numbers. Time to get on the bird and head to Denver for this week two matchup. See ya then, everyone!!

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