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Lovie Smith outlines expectations of rookie minicamp | Daily Brew

After months of evaluating and interviewing prospects, Head Coach Lovie Smith is ready to get to work with the newest Houston Texans. On Friday, the Texans will kick off their three-day rookie minicamp at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

"Some of the players, they come into town Thursday," Smith said Monday. "We've evaluated, we've seen them and spent a lot of time with them. But now to start the process, guys have been dreaming all their life now have an opportunity to really do something about it. But we're going to get started Thursday, introduce them to how we do things football-wise."

According to league rules, each team may hold one post-draft rookie minicamp on the first or second weekend following the draft. Eligible participants for rookie minicamp include drafted players, undrafted college free agents, qualifying first-year players and tryout players. No live contact or team drills are permitted during rookie minicamp. The purpose is more of an orientation period for the new players, getting accustomed to the Texans practice and meeting schedules.

Well, it's not going to be a training camp practice or anything like that," Smith said. "First, it's orientation of how we do things. It's not like we're going to be out there three hours. As much as anything, what we're trying to get accomplished with our minicamp is to let them know how we do things, drills and just daily schedule. It's more of that for them to be able to blend in Monday with our veterans. But you have to get that first day on the football field in, so we'll get that, see where they are."

On Monday, the rookies join the rest of the team, currently in Phase 2 of the offseason workout program. Smith expects all rookies to benefit from the three-day minicamp and to improve their baseline of football knowledge with the coaching.

"To me, they're going to all be successful leaving because we're going to get them information," Smith said. "As long as they show up on time and listen to us take coaching, they're going to be in a lot better position when they land in with our veterans Monday."

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