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Madden 24 Showdown in NRG Stadium pits players against young Texans fans

madden 24

Playing Madden is fun.

It's more fun to play with friends.

But there's nothing like playing Madden against real, live NFL players.

A group of lucky young fans took part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to duke it out—digitally—with and against a few Houston Texans.

Linebacker Christian Harris, defensive tackle Kurt Hinish and tight end Teagan Quitoriano played Madden 24 against some fans inside NRG Stadium.

The fans were winners of the "Play Madden with the Texans" auction package at last summer's Season Premiere Gala hosted by the Houston Texans Foundation. This immersive experience allowed them to connect with their gridiron heroes in a whole new way, creating unforgettable memories while supporting the foundation's crucial mission of empowering communities across Houston.

The atmosphere was electric with excitement and competition, and the players showcased their skills both on and off the field. Hinish's squad ultimately won the tournament, and the auction package exemplified the foundation's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact beyond game day.

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