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"Make a play" Mike Boone shines in win over Saints


Make a play.

Mike Boone enters every game with that mindset, and he certainly executed that in the Texans preseason win Sunday night at New Orleans.

The running back ran for a game-high 51 yards on seven carries, and also caught four passes for 26 yards. He peeled off a 21-yard run in the third quarter at the start of a drive, and then capped that same possession with an 11-yard touchdown run.

He explained what was on his mind as he took the field.

"Just try to make it my mentality to make a play for us," Boone said. "Be someone that can come in any moment of the game and just make a play. Contribute to what's going on."

Contribute, Mike Boone did.

On that scoring possession, he ran three times for 36 yards and the score, and also caught two passes for seven yards.

"I thought Mike Boone did a really nice job as well," Head Coach DeMeco Ryans said. "Running the ball. Finishing runs. He runs with a very physical mindset."  

The touchdown run was particularly impressive. Boone was aided by great blocking, but also kept his balance and spun out of trouble before getting into the end zone.

"It was smooth," Boone said. "It was just an inside zone. Tight end got his block back side, and the offensive line got their double-team block on the back side, and I saw a hole and just hit it. Just go back to my receiver days a little bit. You know, a couple spin cycles. Just trying to make a play."

Boone and the Texans open the regular season on September 10 at Baltimore in Week 1.

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