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New NFL Year in High Gear | Daily Brew

On Tuesday I was beginning to think things were settling down in the NFL news cycle.

There were no mega-trades or signings. Just your more 'normal' free agency type news, a week in.

But the steady flow of 'WOW' stories starting last week resumed on Wednesday with the Tyreek Hill trade to Miami for the draft capital equivalent of a small nation's national debt.

Monday belonged to the 'Matt Ryan going to the Colts' story. And that's the move that further assured that, less than a week into the New League Year, the AFC South would look different in 2022.

In the last half-decade the Colts have had more different opening day QB starters than people who have played James Bond (I should say played him 'well.' I don't count Timothy Dalton or George Lazenby. But that's a discussion for another day).

Ryan, on paper, should benefit Indy. He'll have a great running game and solid defense to work with. Yet you never know until you see it on the field. He had a relatively down year with a depleted Atlanta team in 2021. He'll be 37 next fall, which makes him a pup compared to Tom Brady, but so is everyone. We'll see.

The Hill trade is gigantic. Miami's additions make the Texans schedule that much tougher. In fact, look at how teams like the Chargers, Broncos and Raiders have added to their rosters. These are all squads that Houston will face this season. As far as Hill's departure potentially 'weakening' the Chiefs, they still have gobs of firepower and enough draft picks to field half an offense. We'll see them at NRG this fall.

The trade frenzy has been unlike any other and the Texans have certainly played their role in it. Get ready for a busy draft weekend in a little over a month when Houston will pick seven times in the top 108 selections and 11 times overall.

All five of the Texans' picks last season at least flashed in some way, contributing to the excitement and anticipation of what the 2022 Class might be able to do.

In the meantime, there's more free agency around the league and the Texans still have some cap room and room on the roster to make even more moves.

Don't touch that dial.

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