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Training Camp has started? In the words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast!"

Yes, players are reporting. But they get tested, leave, comeback for another test, maybe have some coffee, leave, come back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I read the protocols but my head started spinning because I have the attention span of my seven year old.

Basically, they're getting tested early and often and they're not jumping into a typical practice routine from the get-go like a non-corona camp.

Usually we'd have a report date and the next day the players would be sweating it out under the hot sun in a full blown camp practice. There wouldn't be pads right away but there would be heat and 11 on 11 stuff and scintillating passes from Deshaun Watson.

Now, we won't have pads until mid-August. Which is fine since there are no preseason games.

This is the first time the league has had no preseason games since…ever. That's right, even the Decatur Staleys and Canton Bulldogs played preseason games. In fact, almost all their games early on were exhibitions because the league hadn't fully formed.

Even as late as the 40s, the Steelers were playing NFL games and also playing exhibition games with other non-NFL pro teams from Western Pennsylvania. Long live the Rust Belt!

Back to the Future.

Like we wrote last week, it's a very different camp.

Opt-outs are the new reality in professional sports. This is something that we never talked about when previewing the year at our Combine shows back in February.

"How many opt-outs do you think there'll be?"


Or, "How many positives?"

The world is different and the NFL is different right along with it.

Yes, camps are opening but it's hardly business as usual. Let's keep hoping and working for the best - that we can get back to anything resembling normal in the NFL and in life.

The Houston Texans made major changes to their team facilities this offseason in keeping with the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), state, local, NFL and NFLPA guidelines on operating during COVID-19.

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