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Nick Caserio outlines offseason plans | Daily Brew

With the start of free agency this week, the Houston Texans are in the midst of evaluating their current roster, draft prospects as well as potential free agent fits. I asked General Manager Nick Caserio what the next month or so looks like from his vantage point following the NFL Scouting Combine.

"We'll probably be more free-agent centric," Caserio said. "We'll start to bring players in the building for 30 man visits. Because we're in Houston, we probably have more local players that qualify that won't count against the 30. We'll have some draft visits the following weeks for agency following week, a little bit more Pro Days coaches might go out and the following week are the league meetings."

Pro Days are already underway throughout the country with talent-heavy schools like Georgia, Oregon and Michigan all slated to hold their respective days this week. The Annual League Meeting (also known as the spring owners' meeting) take place March 26 through 29 in Arizona. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans will be attending along with Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair and Caserio

"The coaches will be off the end of the month there, a little bit of a reprieve, and then that second week in April, Phase One of the offseason program," Caserio said. "So that's about the next four to five weeks. There's a lot to get done in that period of time. Certainly you're not going to accomplish everything overnight, but everybody's excited about where we are, where we're headed and just keep moving forward. That's the most important thing."

Free agency officially kicks off at 3 p.m. CT on Wednesday when all 2022 contracts expire and the 2023 league year begins.

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