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Numbers to Know | Daily Brew

Facing the Colts twice in three weeks is beyond stressful, so let's calm it all the way down with some good 'ol behind the numbers.

3 - after not winning a game in Indianapolis in the first thirteen attempts, the Texans have won three of the last five games in Lucas Oil Stadium. The first win was in 2015, with wins in 2016 and 2018, as well.

1 - the Texans have beaten Indianapolis and New England in the same season, just one time - last year. With a win Sunday at Indianapolis, the Texans can make it twice, in consecutive years, with a win over Indy and New England in the same campaign.

25 - Deshaun Watson has 25 touchdown passes this season with three games to play. The record in a season is 29 held by Matt Schaub and as Marc Vandermeer would say, it's the Holy Grail. Five Watson touchdown tosses in three games would give the Texans something they've never had - 30+ touchdown passes in the same season. And, when Deshaun reaches that record, I'm sure Marc will exclaim "It's not going in our yard, John, it's going in our living room."

2 - two more passing touchdowns will be a career high for Deshaun as well - his current high is 26.

37 - as in 37%. Over his last three games, Texans killer/Colts star receiver T.Y. Hilton has caught 37% of his season total passes. He has 17 catches in those three games (Titans, Texans & Raiders) and 46 on the season. He's finally healthy and it shows. Darn it.

15 - the Colts defense is third in the entire NFL with 15 interceptions on the season. Only the Steelers and Dolphins have more with 17 and 16 respectively. As a comparison point, the Texans have three, albeit, they dropped a few throughout the season as well. 

6 - the number of interceptions Deshaun Watson has thrown this season, which is on pace to be the lowest number of his career.

3 - Watson has thrown just three in his last ten games, ironically all at home. He hasn't thrown a pick on the road since the week three matchup in Pittsburgh. Furthermore, he's thrown just one interception since October 11th and that should've never been a pick in the first place (Colts defensive back Kenny Moore II tackle/interception was never one, but I'm biased).

38 - Texans receiver Steven Mitchell Jr. had three receptions for 38 yards last week at Chicago. With that performance, Mitchell Jr. topped his CAREER yardage total by the end of the day. He had two receptions for 37 yards prior to last Sunday.

12 - in just two games, fellow receiver Chad Hansen has 12 receptions which is three more than his career total prior to his performance against Indianapolis two weeks ago.

Alright, let's hope the key number is five after this in fifth win of the season. See ya Sunday, everyone!

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