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Happy Holidays, EVERYONE!! The Cincinnati Bengals are coming to town for a Holiday visit for the second time in the last four years. Here are some numbers associated with this matchup.

27 - The Deshaun Watson passing touchdown countdown has been on for the past few weeks. The Texans' record is 29 by Matt Schaub, but no quarterback has ever thrown 30 touchdown passes in a season. Deahaun has two games to get three in the books to hit that mark for the first time in Texans history.

8 - The Texans have faced the Bengals nine times since 2009 and won eight of those matchups. The one the Texans didn't win was in 2014 when quarterback Ryan Mallett injured his pec and the offense struggled in a nine point loss to Cincinnati at home.

208 - In the last matchup at NRG Stadium in 2016, the Bengals racked up just 208 yards of total offense, minus the 86 yard Brandon LaFell touchdown that gave them the lead.

148 - Minus the big play and the final drive, the Bengals were able to generate just 148 yards of total offense. That took their yards per play in the game from 2.9 yards per play to 4.7 yards per play.

8 - the Texans have EIGHT players with 20 or more receptions on the season. Receiver Chad Hansen could be a ninth player with just six more receptions in the final two games. For comparison sake only, the Chiefs have just six. The Colts have seven. 

246 - Linebackers Zach Cunningham and Tyrell Adams have combined for 246 tackles on the season with two more games to go.

0 - The Texans have not taken the ball away in three games. In fact, the Texans last turnover was a fumble recovery in the first half at Detroit. That makes 14 quarters without a turnover for the defense/special teams and this team could really use one on Sunday against Cincinnati.

2 - The Texans finished the season with two Pro Bowlers - left tackle Laremy Tunsil and quarterback Deshaun Watson.

125 - In his career, Deshaun Watson has averaged over 268 passing yards per game in his 51...and a half games. In his first start, though, at Cincinnati in 2017, he threw for just 125. However, no one gave two "you know whats" because he had a 49 yard touchdown run that changed the trajectory of the franchise forever more. He had never thrown for a lower total in a game in his career.

72 - Brandin Cooks is on pace for 72 receptions this season which would be the fourth highest in his career (84 receptions in 2015 as a second year receiver with New Orleans and Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees)

1 - If the season ends with the Texans procuring no further turnovers, J.J. Watt will finish the season tied for the team lead in interceptions (1). Again, if no more turnovers, he will lead in forced fumbles, and fumble recoveries, as well. Currently, he's either leading, or tied for the team lead, in the following categories: sacks, interceptions, defensive touchdowns, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, passes defensed, tackles for a loss and quarterback hits...essentially every defensive category minus tackles.

Alright, that'll do it for today, everyone! Again, Happy Holidays and see ya on Sunday!

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