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Observations: A&M Pro Day

The last time most of us were in College Station for a pro day, there were television networks for days, media members throughout the complex, Drake on the stereo, brooms in the air, dogs on the field and a former President of the United States in a golf cart. I feel like there was "a partridge in a pear tree" too, but I can't confirm that to be true at this point.

Texas A&M's Pro Day on Wednesday wasn't quite like last year's "Johnny Day", as it was coined by the Texans gang that took a road trip to College Station. But, there were some athletes doing good work inside the A&M football complex. Here are a few observations from the day.

  1. 28 NFL teams were represented at the Aggies' Pro Day, including a pair of coaches from teams throughout the league. No GMs or high profile personnel directors were in attendance, save for a couple. It just so happened to be two highly thought of directors for successful teams in the league.
  1. LT Cedric Ogbuehi would've been the star of the day and his ability to work out would've driven up the attendance at the workout. But, an ACL tear in the Liberty Bowl kept him from working out. He met with the media before the events started and he said he would start running in two weeks and be ready for training camp, wherever he landed.
  1. G/T Jarvis Harrison rested on his numbers from the combine, did his position drills and was done for the day. Talking to a handful of scouts for the past few months, Harrison is a highly intriguing prospect...and a polarizing one.
  1. I was flat out shocked when RB/ATH Trey Williams declared for the 2015 draft. He wasn't the star back at A&M and rarely got the touches an early declaree gets. But, he did and there's no looking back now. That all said, he ran well at the combine, running in the 4.4 range and did the same on Wednesday. As I talked to his dad afterward, I told him that his son's game needs to be all about getting touches any way possible and beating guys in space. His dad agreed. Trey caught the ball well, looked crisp in his routes and had a number of scouts wanting to bend his ear after the event was over.
  1. S Floyd Raven is an interesting prospect. He decided to participate in the Houston Regional Scouting Combine a few weeks back. I thought he ran well and overall had a good workout when in Houston. He followed his Combine workout with a stellar Pro Day. 202 lb. safety with 17 reps at 225, 4.46 in the 40 and a solid positional drill workout. After the workout, I got a chance to catch up with him as he owed me an interview (we missed each other at the Regional Combine). He said he got the invite to the Super Regional later this month in Arizona, which will give him another opportunity to prove he belongs in the NFL. He had an off-the-field situation in 2013 which put him behind, so to speak, and he never truly got back on track. He remarked that he "just wants to show everyone the 'old' Floyd Raven." He's doing that and getting some attention in the process as I saw a couple of teams talk to him after his workout.
  1. Similar to Harrison, TE Cam Clear is a 6'5", 276 lb. genetic freak of nature, but an injury slowed him down in 2014. He then never really got involved in the offense and his season was disappointing for some who expected big things (me being one of them). But, this guy ran 4.81 in the 40 and hit 32.5" on the vertical leap. He caught every pass thrown his way in positional drills (although he and fellow TE Ben Compton were gassed throughout). I wondered aloud what safety at any level wanted to see Clear catch a pass, turn upfield and draw a bead. I'll answer my own question - no one. Again, the lack of success the past two seasons have personnel people scratching their heads, similar to Harrison, but some coaching staff/organization will figure out what to do with him.
  1. Full disclosure, I'm a huge Malcome Kennedy fan. Throughout his career, the Aggie wide receiver made one big catch after another. I was surprised he didn't get more attention in the post-season all-star game festivities, but he also rehabbed an injured shoulder that set him back in 2014. During the season, he missed a handful of games and the Aggie offense truly missed his leadership and production. That all said, he had a strong Pro Day overall. He ran 4.56, which isn't blazing, but it's an adequate time. But, when it was time to run routes and catch the football, he always. I really like this young man and a few people confirmed that he's an even better young man than he is a player. That was great to hear. Some team will find a place for Kennedy and he'll make it worth its while.
  1. Former C/turned TE/turned FB Ben Compton weighed in at 274 and it's hard to project his NFL position at that size. He's too small to be an OL, not quick enough to be a full-time tight end. One of the funnier moments of the day was when Compton ran the wrong route from his tight end spot and the personnel man running the drill said "that's okay, you're an offensive lineman anyway." I don't know where Compton fits, to be honest, but there's some moldable clay present. He played up and down the OL, in addition to TE and FB, moves well and loves the game. Add weight and he could be a project at center, probably his best position. Either way, he's worth a look as an undrafted free agent and a "we'll try to figure out what you are in training camp" designation.

It was a productive day for the scout in me, less productive for the part of me that wanted to be entertained like last year. I missed the dogs and President Bush. Just sayin'.

Texans analyst and radio sideline reporter John Harris unveiled his top 100 prospects for the NFL Draft. (Photos courtesy of AP)

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