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You can't blame me or anyone for being ultra-amped up for this draft. The Texans have never been in this position - loaded with two picks in the top 13 selections, five in the top 80 and seven in the top 108!

Even in year one, when they had five picks in the first three rounds, they still only had one in the first 32. The only other year they picked twice in the first round was 2004 when they gave up the draft equivalent of a World Cup host city bid to grab Jason Babin at 27th overall.

That was so long ago George Bush was president and Facebook wasn't a thing yet. In fact, Myspace wasn't even that popular yet.

The fact that the last Texans first round pick was Tytus Howard in 2019 shows you how long it's been since the Texans had a Thursday night selection. It was only three years ago but it feels like an eternity. That's what 'pandemic time' does to you.

Interestingly enough, Howard is the longest tenured Texans position player (what!?). Only Jon Weeks and Ka'imi Fairbairn have been on the team longer.

I'm sure someone is taking prop bets on how many trades Nick Caserio will make on Draft Weekend. Five sounds like a good number to me but that's just a wild guess.

As far as moving one or both of the first round picks goes, that's sometimes easier said than done. John Harris has come up with multiple trade scenarios that we've been discussing on Texans All Access and have my head spinning.

NFL GMs will often have possible 'just-in-case' trades agreed to ahead of time in the event that certain players are available. Most of these stories don't get out yet these are the ones we want to hear. I'd also love to hear about the offers that Nick Caserio turns down.

The draft will be great theater. More importantly it'll be an opportunity for a healthy infusion of young talent that can get this team to another level. We're two weeks away from the festivities. Get ready.

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