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Playoff Prep | Daily Brew


I can't sleep. I can't stand still. I can eat a bit, because that's easier and fun. But the anticipation is fever-pitch right now for the Texans' first playoff appearance in four years.

Four years?! It feels longer. Anything that happened before Covid feels like it's got a couple of extra years added onto it.

I've been asked by everyone (almost) to rate if this is the 'best ever' run up until now. Listen, I'll never take the post season for granted. The Texans at one point went to the playoffs four out of five seasons ('15, '16, '18, '19). It was great to get there and win the wild card round twice in that span.

2011 and 2012 were magical seasons. 2011 was a thrill ride that no one will ever forget. '12 ended badly but, again, I'll always appreciate being 11-1 at one point, winning a division title and playoff game despite losing three out of four down the stretch and not locking up home field advantage throughout.

There's something ultra-special about this run. The coach, the quarterback, the way everything has come together. Six weeks ago, I thought the team had a shot at the post season. This past week they got a division championship and a home game. Don't wake me up.

Rankings and 'where it stands' should be reserved for later. This weekend is about this game and getting past a terrific team that's surprised a lot of people.

Hey, isn't that the description of the Texans too?! Houston has already jolted the NFL world by simply being here. Now it's time to make the next move.

DeMeco Ryans sat in the radio studio and talked about what it will take.

Playoff football is where the deeper narratives of quarterbacks are written. Joe Flacco has a good one. He's a Super Bowl champion who's never been one-and-done in the post season. He'll turn 39 next week and is more relaxed and focused than ever.

C.J. Stroud makes his playoff debut four months after taking his first NFL snap. He's no rookie anymore. He's had enough dazzling performances and come-back wins and moments to last a few seasons. He came up with the go-ahead drive last week when the chips were down. Now, we'll all get to watch 'Playoff C.J.' together.

The team should have, not only C.J., but several other key contributors back that missed the first match-up three weeks ago. Nick Caserio always gives a good scouting report. We also asked him about Nico Collins' explosive season. Here's his weekly radio visit.

The suspense is richter-scale measurable. The joint will be jumping. This very special bunch of Texans will venture into their next step toward greatness in a matter of hours. And I'm supposed to sleep!?

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