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As I'm typing this we're not sure about Thursday's scrimmage but just having a scrimmage got me thinking about how rare that word is in the pro game.

I cut my teeth broadcasting high school and college football games. There were always preseason intrasquad scrimmages. Not so, in the NFL which usually sees training camp peppered with joint practices and preseason games.

The Texans, however, have had a couple of notable scrimmages in their history that will never be forgotten.

Year one, August 2, 2002, Houston took on Dallas at now-leveled Robertson Stadium on the UH campus. It's unthinkable something like this could happen today. Robertson used to be Jeppesen Stadium, where the Oilers started in the AFL. So if anyone ever asks you if the Texans and Oilers ever occupied the same field in Houston now you can dazzle them with your knowledge.

The Texans were handled if not overwhelmed on that night. But five weeks later they would beat Dallas in the inaugural game and make history.

A year later they would scrimmage the Cowboys at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio. This is a great memory with Andre Johnson and Tony Romo making their debuts. Bill Parcells coached the Cowboys. It was a circus atmosphere and I wish this kind of thing would happen again. It's good for the fan bases and the squads.

Another early scrimmage saw the Texans take on the Dolphins at NRG Stadium. But other than that, I can't recall any others. Joint practices always have some live, scrimmage elements. And the word popped up previously this camp as the Texans offense and defense would battle with kicking game mixed in between possessions.

We'll have a full review of this next one on Thursday night, weather permitting. Stay safe.

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