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Back in the pre-web days, you'd look forward to this time of year when the preseason NFL and College Football magazines would come out. The covers featured the best players and it got you pumped for the upcoming season.

Now, just about every website puts out way-too-early predictions, even before the draft. Then they revise them after the draft. Clicks, right?

Well, I've resisted the temptation to delve too much into predictionville. After all, I've heard it all before. There have been many times this team has been picked to have a rough year then proceed to unravel the prognosticators' arguments week by week.

I surveyed ESPN, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, USA Today and Athlon and they all had the Texans finishing third in the AFC South. Third! I stopped looking after that.

Look, no one is saying this will be easy. In fact, I can see the argument for the Colts being a whole lot better than last year. Indy was 7th in the league in rushing but couldn't get the passing game going. They have their outstanding line back and now Phillip Rivers is throwing the ball.

The ground game shouldn't be any worse with Jonathan Taylor added to the mix. And the defense got some sacks in '19 but failed to get pressure up the middle to prevent step-up throws. Enter DeForest Buckner. I don't care what the Colts gave up for him, at the end of the day the rest of the division has to deal with him on the field. The Colts are always a big thorn and this could be a sizable bounce back year for them.

Everyone knows the Titans are in what John Harris would call run-it-back mode. With their QB and star running back returning after a huge playoff run, they'll be tough to deal with for sure. Jacksonville appears to be in a major rebuild but we all remember how close the game was at NRG Stadium last season.

An honest inventory of the Texans reveals they should be better overall. Of course these things need to be proven on the field. Predictions mean nothing. Here's hoping the players have read all the news from the doubters and are ready to prove them wrong.

We still have a long way to go and the corona-factor to this season has yet to be determined. We're all waiting to see how this campaign will look on and off the field.

To be continued…

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