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QB Davis Mills and offensive players plan offseason workouts | Daily Brew

After the final game of the 2021 season, Davis Mills was making offseason plans with his teammates.

For playing more football.

"I just want to build on staying consistent with different concepts in the offense, building chemistry with the guys who are able to stay in Houston in the offseason because I'll be here working every day, working every week to get better for next year," Mills said. "I'm trying to convince as many people as I can to do the same. It will be fun, and we're looking forward to the offseason and just getting better."

In his final half of football, Mills passed for 231 yards and three touchdowns in the 28-25 loss against the Titans. Mills said he improved his knowledge and comfort level within offense. As the season progressed, he found himself playing faster and reacting to what he saw from opposing defenses. He approached fellow rookies WR Nico Collins and TE Brevin Jordan, who each caught touchdown passes from Mills this year, about joining the offseason workouts with him.

"It's perfect," Collins said. "We're going to build from there, work out together and keep stacking. Just improve, see ways to get better from this year, what ways we can get better for next year and to improve on our game. So I feel like that's what this offseason is about. Just getting better."

Veteran WR Brandin Cooks, who caught five of his six touchdown passes from Mills this season, is also in for working out with Mills this offseason. Cooks said "we'll definitely find a way to do that, without a doubt" and is enthused by the growth he saw from the rookie over the course of the season.

RB Rex Burkhead recently signed a contract extension with the club, and is also interested in working with Mills to improve timing and chemistry.

"We'll definitely get together, no question," Burkhead said. "Just to continue that relationship, that timing on certain things is huge for young quarterbacks, young receivers to have that, to develop that. Not only in the OTAs or training camp, but also in their own time, maybe when coaches aren't there, and you just want to get together and throw a little bit."

Mills finished his rookie campaign with a 66.8 completion percentage and 16 touchdown passes. He was picked off 10 times and had an 88.8 passer rating. Mills also rushed for 44 yards on 18 carries.

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