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QBs, Coach and Making the Cut | Daily Brew


Here's a not-so-little secret – right here on this very website, or app, or however you're getting this – we have a thing called Harris Hits.

Each day, John Harris describes what he saw at practice and it's glorious. Johnny watches more player video than your kid plays Fortnite. He sees things as a coach (he was one), player (that too) and can relay the info as a talk radio wordsmith in print form. Check out the first practices HERE.

These observations are very thorough. Plenty of media members read Johnny's stuff to help them fully comprehend a practice they just watched!

It's nearly impossible to have a conversation about the Texans without talking about the head coach. John McClain wrote about DeMeco Ryans coaching as the top dog in a camp for the first time – on the same turf where he began his career as a player.

It's good that I get to promote The General's work because he's a regular on Texans Radio. We always have him on Texans Radio as he responds to rants by me of who should and should not be in the Hall of Fame. The show, by the way, was very different with a plethora of fans in attendance. I haven't seen the crowd this way in years. The endzone was 5-6 deep.

On the slightly lighter side of things, Jake Hansen is a linebacker who doesn't get a lot of coverage but perhaps should. He made some key plays last season in his rookie year and is hungry for more. He probably won't want more coverage after Drew Dougherty interviewed him and asked about important things.

That's it for now. Remember to stay hydrated. Or just stay in the air conditioning and read our coverage!

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