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Quotes: Wednesday practice


Head Coach Bill O'Brien** Quarterbacks Coach George Godsey
CB A.J. Bouye
ILB Brian Cushing
TE Anthony Denham
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
CB Johnathan Joseph
C Chris Myers
DE J.J. Watt
Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley Conference Call
Jaguars QB Blake Bortles Conference Call

Head Coach Bill O'Brien
(opening statement) "I'll start with an update on Jadeveon Clowney so we're all on the same page there. He went to Pensacola to meet with Dr. James Andrews to run some more tests on his knee. I wouldn't even call it a second opinion. I'd call it more a gathering of more information. And then when he returns, we'll all sit down with our doctors, our medical people, Dr. Andrews, Rick Smith, obviously, myself, and we'll make the best decision moving forward with that information that we gather from our doctors, from Dr. Andrews and move forward from there. And again, it's always in the best interest of the player, what's best for the player moving forward. Really, that's all I am going to say about that. If we could just move on to Jacksonville, that would be great."

(on bringing up TE Anthony Denham from the practice squad) "Any time you have a chance to bring a guy up from the practice squad that's really deserving, whether it was Max Bullough or Anthony Denham, I think those are good phone calls. He's a guy that's really worked hard. He has to continue to work hard because he's still obviously a very young player. We just felt like at the end of the day he had earned the right to be on the 53. If he goes to the game, it would be good to see what he does in the game."

(on how special it was to call TE Anthony Denham and tell him he's been activated to the active roster) "Not to single him out, but you're right about him. He hasn't had the easiest of backgrounds, no doubt about it. I think everybody is pretty familiar with his story. He's a guy that just works really hard. He's a great kid. He's always got a smile on his face, hardworking kid, really wants to be good. There are so many guys on this team that have, every guy has a story. It's really rewarding when you see those guys are able to be successful."

(on how CB Kareem Jackson is looking) "Kareem was out there today and he looked out. It is day-to-day, but I think moving forward it looks better and better that he'd be able to play in the game."

(on putting ILB Max Bullough on injured reserve) "He's had hamstring issues and he tried to play through it. He's a very tough kid. He tried to play through it. It really wasn't getting any better. It was more a case of, Max you probably need to take three or four weeks here and try to get it better. Certainly there is only basically in the regular season, only three or four weeks. We just decided to go with the injured reserve route with him."

(on not being able to win two consecutive games since the first two of the season) "It's almost like you were out there in the huddle at the end of practice. I thought we practiced well today and I think that's the  big word is for us to be able to go out there and practice consistently, and obviously play on a consistent basis on Sundays. I think that's what we did in the Tennessee game. Not that everything was perfect in the Tennessee game. Don't get me wrong, but I do believe we played our most consistent game of the year and we played well in all three phases. We have to remember that and understand that this Jacksonville team is a very, very tough team to play against and we have to be at our best and we have to play at a consistent level."

(on building the mentality to string together a win streak) "I think that's right. I think Duane (Brown) is right. If you want to get over the hump of being a playoff team, getting to the playoffs, you have to understand that you can't get complacent. And I don't think these guys get complacent. I think it's more about let's make sure we string another three good practices together and go to Jacksonville and have a good football game, play a good football game."

(on C Chris Myers saying that Jacksonville's defensive front is one of the best in the league) "They play six to sometimes they play eight guys. It's really a strong point on their team. These guys, I think they're third in the league I want to say in sacks at 37. Their defense has caused 16 fumbles, which I think is third in the league. six in the last two games. A lot of those are caused by their defensive line. It's a very tough chore for our guys and a big challenge. They started off, our guys started off on the right note today. They had a good practice up front on our offensive line. We need to continue that tomorrow."

(on the momentum that Jacksonville has and the challenge they present) "Every week is a challenge though. They're definitely a team that has momentum, no doubt about it. They were 21 down and like you said they came back and they scored two defensive touchdowns. Blake (Bortles) led them on a last-minute drive there to put them over the top. They're definitely a team that's playing with confidence and have some momentum. We have some momentum. We played well, so I think our guys have confidence with what we're doing. It should be a good football game."

(on if he is surprised in the success CB Jumal Rolle is having) "I think he's definitely a good fit. I think that's one of the things that he's definitely a fit for our system based on where we use him. We use him at corner, we use him at nickel. He's a decent blitzer. The thing that I noticed about him right off the bat regardless of systems is that he's an instinctive player. He's always around the ball and he has good ball skills. He's able to catch the football, which sounds simple, but some guys they really have to work at that. Jumal really has good ball skills. I think he's a guy too that I noticed a long with all those guys in the secondary is that they really love to practice. They're out there trying to get better every day. Those guys are out there every day working hard to get better at the different things they need to get better at, and he's definitely in that category."

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and building on his six-touchdown performance) "He had a good practice today. He really did. He went out there today and he looked sharp today. That was a good thing to see because that's what I said after the game on Sunday that he had a really good week of practice leading up to the Tennessee game, and he started off on the right foot today. I think it does take a while to get the grasp of our system and what we're doing. As coaches, we're all impatient and we want everybody to get it right away. It seems to me that he has really good command of what we're trying to do right now."

The Texans hit the Houston Methodist Training Center practice fields on Wednesday.

(on DE J.J. Watt saying that he doesn't understand complex offensive play calls) "He has to know the play call to know what direction to go to and what to do. I think when you get down there, it's funny, when you get down to that area of the field, the tempo of the offense is so important, so the calls are fairly simple for everyone. There are some things that are a little bit longer than others, but we want to be able to play fast, put the formation out there quickly, so that the quarterback can identify what's going on. I think that carries over to J.J.'s part of it, too. I don't know if simple is the right word, but it's very basic and direct as far as what he has to do."

(on DE J.J. Watt saying that Linebackers Coach Mike Vrabel is one of the reasons he gets to play offense) "People have said that. Vrabel, he's never said anything to me about it. I was in New England when Vrabel caught touchdown passes. I know that. Of course, Vrabel knows all the play calls, so when we run it against the defense he's yelling out the play that we're about to run. No, I don't know. You'd have to ask Vrabel about that I guess."

(on if DE J.J. Watt is the most versatile player he's been around) "That's a great question. I've been really lucky. I was talking to somebody today. I've just been very lucky to be around not only great guys, great team players, but also some really great players. A lot of Hall of Fame players, you know? When you look at J.J., the one thing that you definitely have to marvel at is his ability to play different positions. He can play defensive end, he can play defensive tackle, he can play nose, he can float around and play in a linebacker spot and obviously offensively he can play tight end. I would say he is definitely one of the most versatile players I've ever been around. I think again the thing about him that I always want to make clear to people that I think sets him apart, is his work ethic, the way that he approaches every single day. He's got tremendous talent, but he really does a great job of working extremely hard every day to get the most out of that talent."

(on how DE J.J. Watt's pass catching is improving) "It's getting better. I don't think it's easy to just jump over there. People probably watch him and think he makes it look easy because of his athletic ability, but we have to work at that with all the guys. Whether it's Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Damaris Johnson, Ryan Griffin, Garrett Graham, C.J. Fiedorowicz, Arian Foster, whoever it is, and J.J. is no exception, that we have to work on that on Thursdays and Fridays. For doing something new with him, we've really got to work on it with him."

(on an update on TE Garrett Graham) "That's going to be day-to-day. I would say that right now that probably doesn't look good for being able to play in the game on Sunday."

(on TE Ryan Griffin overcoming a dropped pass vs. Cincinnati to score a touchdown vs. Tennessee) "That was a tough question. I think you're talking about the one down the middle there. That was a tough catch. That guy is working hard. I was really happy for him that he was able to catch a touchdown pass against Tennessee. He's getting better. He's improving. Again, that's a position in our offense that takes a while to really get used to. We do some different things with the tight end. I think the guys improved and really worked at it."

(on Defensive Line Coach Bill Kollar getting the best out of DE J.J. Watt) "I know when I took the job here, J.J. was one of the first players that I met. One of the first coaches that he talked about was Bill Kollar. And I was very familiar with Kollar just from being in the NFL and knowing Bill's reputation as a great defensive line coach in this league for years and also as a player. I think J.J.'s right. It doesn't matter who you are. Bill is going to push you. He's going to coach you technically, but he's also going to be right there when you don't do something right. It doesn't matter who you are. He's going to correct you. And when you do something right, he's very happy for you, he's very positive with you. I think he's one of the best d-line coaches I've ever been around."

Quarterbacks Coach George Godsey
(on how nice it was to see QB Ryan Fitzpatrick set the franchise record for touchdown passes) "I think he executed the game plan and so did the whole offense. Really it starts with the offensive line and what they were able to do to provide some time. I think that's kind of the objective. It was good to see him execute what we wanted to."

(on if QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's performance is what the offense has been building to) "I think that there were certain looks that we were able to make plays on. Certainly it wasn't given to us. I think we earned it and certainly that's what we're working for each week. We have another challenge this week."

(on if he could tell QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to have a big game based on his practices during the week) "I wish I could do that easily. He practiced well and we always say, you prepare how you practice and you practice pretty much how you play. What you put out there on Sundays usually reflects on how you practice during the week. Looking back on it, he had a great week of practice and really so did the whole unit. I think that's kind of the goal this week, too."

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week) "It's a good honor. In our room, it's really in the rear view mirror. That's kind of how we look at it. It was a great accomplishment and he earned it. It's really a testament to the whole unit really from that aspect."

(on how QB Thad Lewis is looking) "He's progressing and today was better than where it was last week at this time. That's all we can ask is just keep putting stuff in front of him and try to move forward. He's done that in a week and now it's going to be another week of third down, another week of red zone and putting what he knows into our terminology and just trying to keep moving forward."

(on how QB Tom Savage is doing) "Between the two (Savage and Thad Lewis), they're just competing. What reps they get, they're going to try and execute out there and then we'll make those decisions at the end of the week."

(on if he would feel comfortable playing QB Thad Lewis if he needed to enter a game in relief) "I think that at the end of the week we just have to make our evaluations as far as which one of the two we feel more comfortable with. If it's Thad, what plays he's executed. From a protection standpoint, a run game standpoint, there is a lot of stuff that we're going to check off and then we'll have his box. If he's in the game, these are the type of plays that we're executing. We want to bring him up to speed, but certainly I don't think we can ask him to do what we've asked really someone who's been here since really the spring of last year."

(on DE J.J. Watt scoring touchdowns on offense) "Those are plays that we've executed in practice and we've worked really hard at. We've spent a lot of time on them. It's good to see that they work on game day. There are some plays that really don't look good in practice that we haven't thrown out there. It's happened to be the right ones that we put out there."

(on plays that DE J.J. Watt doesn't make in practice) "I think from a unit standpoint."

(on RB Arian Foster playing last week) "I think with Arian we just see how it goes each day. He's day-to-day like always. I think he did what we expected him to do on Sunday. That was encouraging because to be out for a while there is some ball security things that we have to worry about. You haven't been hit in a while or cutting in live practice or live games. It's always good to see him out there because 23 is a big part of our offense."

(on getting RB Arian Foster involved in the game plan) "I think the defensive coaches too are on to his cutting ability and they're going to build some things on to try and stop him and take him out of the game. We've got to do some things to counter that, too. It's a two-way street as far as just progressing with Arian and building him to where he's 100 percent out there and really putting out what we feel is the best product out there."

CB A.J. Bouye
(on his communication with Jaguars QB Blake Bortles) "I probably talked to him once just to see how he was doing. Besides that, I talked to him before during the draft process. Like I said, my dad keeps up with him. I'll talk to him before and after the game."

(on if he is happy how he played with CB Kareem Jackson injured) "A little bit. Some plays I wish I could have back, but everything happens for a reason. I'm going to learn from it. I'm excited to get Kareem back. He's a big help on the defense. I've just got to play my role."

(on cornerbacks always wanting to get plays back) "Some dropped picks, some coverages I could have been tighter on, but that's just about it."

(on the talent level of the NFL compared to college) "Definitely. It definitely is. You have to be at your best every day."

ILB Brian Cushing
(on the talent of the Jaguars) "It's a good team. They have a lot of good players. Their guys play hard. We're expecting their best game, especially coming off a win."

(on QB Blake Bortles compared to QB Zach Mettenberger) "I'm not sure. They are two different guys. Like I've said, he's been playing well, coming off a good game and a lot of confidence in playing at home."

(on RB Denard Robinson and his speed and the importance of not letting him get going) "It's important. He's a playmaker who's obviously still learning the running back position, but doing a good job at it. We'll try to contain him as best as we can."

(on the attitude of the team with four games remaining) "We just understand that we have to play our best game every week and take it week-by-week and just continue to win. That's all we're in control of."

(on not overlooking the Jaguars and their 2-10 record) "It's pretty similar. They play hard. They play hard. They played real well last game. They came back, and like I said, they're playing at home so they're going to have a lot of energy. They're feeling good about themselves. We expect to get the best game out of them."

(on what he's seen from Jaguars QB Blake Bortles) "Good young quarterback, strong arm, can make all the throws and a lot faster than people think, an athletic kid. Like I said, I'm expecting his best game along with the rest of the team."

(on what ways the team needs to improve on to finish strong) "Just be more consistent, continue to win and play good overall team football. That's the biggest thing we need to do."

(on the high number of takeaways this year) "I just think it's aggressive play. I think it's aggressive play and good play calling. Guys are really having an emphasis on getting the ball back for our offense. I think those things combined have turned out well for us."

(on if a turnover is the most important statistic for a defense) "Any time you're doing that their offense isn't scoring and you're getting the ball back for us. It puts our team in a good situation."

(on how much fun it is to see DE J.J. Watt score on offense) "It's fun. I mean, he's doing a good job. Obviously he's a mismatch problem for a lot of teams."

(on the games with Jacksonville seeming to be chippy) "I don't know. I think it's just football. It's a very physical, very passionate game. I think sometimes you can get very emotional playing, especially when you see somebody twice a year."

TE Anthony Denham
(on how he has improved and what it means to him to be activated to the roster) "I think all the hard work paid off, finally. The coaches have seen the hard work I've been putting in throughout the week, throughout the weeks. I've gotten better since Day 1. Just having the coaches see all that, it means a lot. For them to bring me up to the 53, it means they really believe in me."

(on when he got the news he was being activated to the roster) "Yesterday."

(on who told him he was being activated to the roster) "(Bill) O'Brien called me. It was a different random number. First I was looking at it and was like, 'no, I'm not about to answer a random number.' I just answered it, and by the grace of god it was Coach O'Brien. He blessed me through that call."

(on what Coach Bill O'Brien told him) "He was like, 'we're going to put you up to the 53.' And I got kind of quiet. He was like, 'you still there?' I said, 'yeah.' He was like, 'alright. It's good that you're excited and everything.'"

(on what Coach Bill O'Brien expects of him) "He expects me to come in and play right away knowing that I've been busting my but throughout practice. He expects the same thing, and that's what I plan on giving."

(on him coming close to not answering the phone call from a random number) "Came close, but something to do it and I'm glad I did it."

(on if it's hit him he's on an NFL active roster yet) "It's hit me pretty hard. Kind of almost, well, I did get watery eyes because I finally got my big break. I finally got my chance. Now I've just got to explode whatever ability I have and just show everybody what I can do."

(on who he has called and told about making the active roster) "A lot of my friends and family. They've been hitting me up constantly. They're really proud of me."

(on what his teammates have told him about making the active roster) "They've just been congratulating me, saying it's about time. Just really happy for me."

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
(on his performance vs. the Titans on Sunday) "Just kind of take it in stride and move on to the next one. Playing quarterback in this league is a funny thing. You are only as good as your next game. We have already moved on and we'll try to hopefully carry some of the momentum into this week, but we have a completely different opponent now and different defense and different challenges to face."

(on winning AFC Offensive Player of the Week) "It's a huge honor. Obviously, in order to do that, some of the spectacular catches that were made and keeping me clean all day with the protection. It's a nice honor for everybody on offense."

(on how he found out about the award) "I was just told. People were saying congrats and I didn't know what they were saying congrats about. But yeah, I just found out."

(on whether his son won mathematician of the week) "Yeah, he's king of our house for the week, I think. He has been getting some shout outs at school and stuff. He is pretty excited."

(on how his son is handling the national attention) "He doesn't really get it. He is almost eight, he is seven. He didn't really get it too much, but we've got a big fay tomorrow because he has his little math club before school. We are excited for him to get into that math club and see what they think."

(on the amount of people reaching out to him after watching his son) "I got more texts about that then I did about the game. Just in terms of how he was able to withstand the pressure and get the problem right. It was a neat moment for me to bring him up and, unrehearsed or anything, we introduced him and brought him up. I didn't know what he was going to do, but he nailed it."

(on the Jaguars defense) "Well, defensively they are tough. Their front four is probably as good as we'll see all year in terms of the talent they have and the effort they play with. If you look statistically at the amount of fumbles they have forced this year, their first down efficiency, how well they play in the red zone. There are a lot of different things that jump out on tape with this defense. It will be a big challenge for us to go in there and face these guys. Up front it's going to be a challenge for us. Like I said, they are very talented. They have a young defense and young secondary with guys just flying around. The team speed really jumps out as well."

(on what he saw on tape from the Tennessee game) "We made some plays in that game. Now, it's about consistency. That's really what Coach O'Brien said after the game. We have to start all over and see if we can do it again. The potential has been there all year. I thought we did a good job even over coming some adversity and some three and outs and the fumble and different things that happened. We did a good job moving on to the next play. There's got to be a consistency now through. I think it starts today with practice. We hinted on it last week. I thought we had some good practices and we just got to continue to do that this week."

(on TE Anthony Denham making the active roster) "It's a big time accomplishment to get to the 53. He's obviously a real talented guy. He's got a lot of work to do and he knows that, but he's done a good job of putting the work in and really trying to learn the system and practicing hard every day. I think that he's competiveness in practice and the things that he has done on scout team will hopefully carry over because he has worked real hard all year."

(on DE J.J. Watt's talent on both sides of the ball) "He's got the rare combination of maybe the most talented guy on the field but the best work ethic as well. Two of his three touchdown catches this year have been pretty great catches. That's really shown his ability, not only to get out there and catch a ball, but to make the big play and rise to the occasion. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time and rise to the occasion when a play needs to be made. I think putting him on offense and having him make a few plays this year, that's been evident."

(on whether DE J.J. Watt should be in the MVP conversation) "I don't know. I mean, he's a great player for us. I know how much he means to our team. I guess I'll kind of leave it at that. I don't know compared to other guys how valuable he is to our team versus how valuable they are to their team. I can speak for what I see every day and it's him in here working.  Especially on the defensive side of the ball, playing against him and now being his teammate, he is a special talent."

(on TE Anthony Denham getting his chance) "I think it brings you back. It brings me back to when I was a rookie in the league and fighting every day to try to get my first shot. I think you think about some of that stuff and the road that I took to get here. Also, it's just kind of the beginning for him. Now that he is on the active, it doesn't mean the hard work stops. He has got to step it up that much more. It's the mental part of the game and really knowing this game plan, going out here and being able to execute it. It's also getting balls after practice, running the extra sprints, whatever it is and just continue to put you're your foot on the gas pedal and have this catapult you to work harder rather than be satisfied."

(on the sense of pride he felt watching his son) "I was definitely a proud father at that point. I am on a daily basis, but that was a cool moment to share there."

(on the math trick) "It's part of his math club, but I helped him with it. He likes numbers. Just like his dad, he likes numbers. Stay tuned for next week."

CB Johnathan Joseph
(on getting CB Kareem Jackson back in the lineup) "Any time you have a chance to get a guy like Kareem back it means a lot for this defense. Just another leader out there on defense and another play maker. Just any time you have all of your best guys out there on the field, it's always a good thing for the team. So any time you have a chance to get a guy like that back, it's good for this team."

(on if getting swept by Jacksonville last year is extra motivation) "I guess you can say that to a certain degree, but I never even really thought about it. Obviously because there is nothing you can do about it, last year and things like that. We've got to take it into account, but you can't put much on it. Just have to take it and look from what we have this season and look forward to the game this Sunday, and just prepare to win."

C Chris Myers
(on how the offense can improve from last week) "I think there is always room for improvement. This has been an inconsistent year in terms of overall performances and being able to offensively move the ball on a consistent basis. When we're on, we're on. We're pretty strong. As long as we can keep working on it and keep growing as an offense and kind of instill that cohesiveness, I think we'll be all right."

(on if the team thinks about the playoffs still being a possibility or just about playing week to week) "Obviously you have to treat it week to week. You have to focus in on each game individually. As of right now, every single game is a playoff. That's the way it is. We have to be able to win every single game and the other things will take care of themselves. But yeah, playoffs are always on your mind. That's the overall goal of the NFL is to make the playoffs and to get to that big game."

(on how impressed he was with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's play last week) "To be able to see Fitzy come in there, especially after the last couple weeks, and putting up a performance like that, it was pretty impressive to watch. Obviously selfishly, we've always had the confidence to be able to do that, but it kind of came to fruition. For us to come together, and put a complete game together on all three sides, was big."

(on what stands out about why the offense was successful against Tennessee) "I just think we really zone in this past week- and not that we didn't do it in weeks past, it is the NFL, they get paid, too- but to be able to more consistent in that area of really zoning in on making the big plays, making the plays that count that's going to change the dynamic of the game, we were able to do that this past week. We've got to do that week in and week out."

DE J.J. Watt
(on the defense causing turnovers) "I think it's one of those things that's contagious a bit. Guys making plays at all different positions. It's pretty neat when everybody gets involved. I think that's one of the most fun parts about it. You never know where it's going to come from. J-Jo (Johnathan Joseph) will start the game off with a pick six, or (Jumal) Rolle, or (A.J.) Bouye. A sack, forced fumble, whatever it is. You got guys all over the place making plays and that type of thing is definitely contagious."

(on the difference between this year and last year at this point in the season) "Obviously, we are fortunate to still be in it. That's the big difference. We like that. As a football player, you love the competitive aspect of the game and you love being able to go out there and put it all on the line. We know what's at stake. We know that we need to win, so we are looking forward to the challenge this weekend."

(on what he's seen from the Jaguars on tape) "I think you hear it all the time and it's kind of one of those sports clichés: don't look at the record, just look at the tape. It's very true with these guys. They're a good football team. I think last week shows it. Coming back against a team down so big and being able to fight back. Most teams in their situation don't do something like that. That just goes to show you what they are able to do. The defensive touchdowns they were able to put on the board and some of the things they were able to do. They have a young quarterback and it takes some time for a young quarterback to get involved and get comfortable in the system. I'm sure as he goes he will continue to get better and better. We're just looking forward to going down there and trying to put together one of our best games."

(on what this game means in the big picture with just four games left) "I think that's up to everybody else to decide. Y'all can decide that. I just go out there and I'll play as hard as I can then you guys can write whatever you want."

(on getting CB Kareem Jackson back) "It will be good. It will be good to get Kareem back. I don't even know for sure how all that works. We haven't practiced yet, so I'm hoping he is out there on the field because it will be good to have him back out there."

(on the impact of CB Kareem Jackson if he plays) "He is a very good cornerback, so it will be very good to have him back out there. A lot of fun. I think our DBs have done a great job this year. Obviously, anytime you get sacks you have to give credit to your DBs because of that. I mean, they're getting turnovers, takeaways, and scoring pick sixes. It's a lot of fun when everybody is involved."

(on playing in defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel's system) "I think it's been great. One of the things that I'm very fortunate for is adaptability. We have been able to create that trust between each other. I think one of the big things is having Coach (Bill) Kollar. He's kind of been with me my whole career, so I'm so fortunate to have a great defensive line coach like him. He grinds me sometimes, but that's what makes me good. I'm very fortunate to have a guy like him to work with me every day and also to help make that transition pretty easy."

(on if he was aware he was being mic'd up during the Titans game) "It's one of those things where it's a little bit of both. You're conscious of it for a bit, but then you kind of get caught up in the emotion. You get lost in it. I definitely was so, so caught up in the game and the excitement and everything. You just kind of forget about it. I'm sure there's some good stuff on there. I hope you like it, I guess. I'm sure it's pretty good."

(on what has kept the team from winning two games in a row since the first two weeks) "I'm not sure. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to do that this week. Go out there and try and go on the road. I like going on the road—a chance to go out there with your teammates. You're going into another environment where it's just you guys. It's basically that you against the world mentality. I look forward to that and I like that challenge."

(on what the team needs to do moving forward) "We need to play more like we did on Sunday. We need to play complimentary football. We need to go out there and we need to take away the ball on defense. If we can score some points, then obviously the offense the way they played they did a great job, but everybody was kind of flying around and having fun. That's what it's supposed to feel. We want to make sure we create that atmosphere every Sunday."

(on if he talks to linebackers coach Mike Vrabel about scoring touchdowns as a defensive player) "Yeah, he has definitely helped. I think that might have helped in getting the package in the first place. He has given me some tips. Coach (George) Godsey is giving me tips, Coach (John) Perry, Coach (Bill) O'Brien, everybody is giving me tips. I've gotten plenty of tips."

(on the best tip he has received from Coach Vrabel) "Spike the ball when you score. That's the one he is adamant about, so I try. I was so excited this week I couldn't even hold on to the thing when I stood up."

(on being inside the huddle on offense) "I have no idea what they're saying in the huddle on offense. I swear to God. I have no clue what the play calls are or anything. I know my little gambit of plays. I know what I'm supposed to do on those. I kind of just get, whether it's Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) or (Ryan) Mallet, I just say, "hey which one is this?" He'll be like, "this is the one where you do," and I say "oh okay, sure. Cool." But I mean, the offensive play calls in this league are unbelievable. On defense, I feel like I'm getting the kitty version of plays now after I've heard what the offensive play calls are like. Hats off to those guys. It's unbelievable."

(on if he needed help lining up on Sunday) "No, it was a weird situation in this situation. Some things got a little bit off. We made it work. We made it work."

(on what he has seen from QB Blake Bortles) "He's a big, tall kid. He's strong and he can run. I think that's one thing that is sometimes overlooked. He can run, so you have to make sure you're aware of you pass rush lanes and you have to make sure that you keep him contained. He also has a good arm, so you have to take everything into account with him."

(on what he said to Bill O'Brien before going in on the play he scored a touchdown) "I was just making sure I was in. I didn't know. He had to tell me I was in. I don't call the plays."

(on QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's son doing math under pressure) "Very impressive. I'm sure you guys have seen him around here before. That's why I don't have too many conversations with him. I might get talked in circles. I try and kind of stay away, especially when they are talking about binary code and he's trying to teach people all those type of things. I just slowly backed away."

(on Jaguars DT Sen'Derrick Marks saying he hopes to be the best No. 99 on the field on Sunday) "Good for him. I would hope he would say that. He is a competitive person. He is a good player. He is a good player. I think he's an underrated player, so I look forward to the challenge."

(on how he stays focused against different looks every game) "Every single play is a new challenge. Every single play is an opportunity to make a play. Every single play is an opportunity to change a game, so you have to attack every single play like that. That's the way I attack my week. That's the way I attack my year. Every day is a chance to get better, whether it's in the weight room, in the film room, or out on the practice field. If you continually live your life by that, then you will have success. That's what I try and do out there on the game field on every single play no matter what happened on the last one or no matter what happens on the next one, that single play is the most important thing in me."

(on what play stands out to him from Sunday) "I think the sequence that happened in this game was pretty high up there for me. The sack, forced fumble, and fumble recovery for a defensive lineman is about as good as it gets. Then to go out there one play later and score a touchdown, unbelievable. It was such a great feeling and so cool. Like I said all along, I'm just so fortunate that my teammates and coaches trust me enough and put enough confidence in me to put me in that situation."

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley Conference Call
(on what it means to his team to pull out a win like it did last week) "It was huge. We did not play very well as a team in the first half. To kind of regroup and come back in the second half, there are just many lessons for us that we can show our team. I believe that our team has stayed strong throughout this journey, so called journey that we're on. To validate it with a performance like that and to come back to show their character and how hard they played, it was a cool team meeting that we had to kind of go back through everything."

(on the positives and negatives in Jaguars QB Blake Bortles' rookie season and playing him early) "I think his confidence has been really good throughout this whole deal since he started and really since he came in in OTAs. He's been a really strong competitor, very confident. I think he came in and put all of his efforts in just trying to improve during that time frame, and he improved so well that we felt once we were struggling on offense that it was time to make a change with the progress he made in our practices, that he really needed game experience. He started off pretty strong. His completion percentage was high. He did a nice job, and then I think there was a little bit of lull where we had some turnovers. I know he was struggling with turnovers there for a while, but the last couple of games he's done a better job with last week being the best where we had no turnovers."

(on the key to Jaguars QB Blake Bortles reducing his turnovers) "That's a great question because I think what we're trying to help Blake do is we don't want to have a quarterback that plays with fear or is always concerned about, 'I don't want to take a chance here or there because if I throw an interception,' that whole mindset. We really want him to play with freedom, and then he was playing with freedom and then we were seeing some interceptions. Just the conversations we've had with him about, 'Hey, we believe in you. Keep challenging yourself. Keep taking risks.' We want that mentality, but at times it's challenging. I really give a lot of credit to him and the team just for providing him strength to allow him to kind of figure it out on his own. Just some of his decision making has been much better the last couple weeks. He's really done that on his own."

(on if the team has wanted to keep Jaguars QB Blake Bortles from running) "No, I think one of his strongest assets was his poise in the pocket. His completion percentage under pressure when people blitzed him in college, he just showed great poise. So we knew that was an asset for him, so we want to continue that. But also his ability to extend plays, you can see that on tape as well. Initially when he first got in there, you saw him extend plays with his feet and gave us some explosive play opportunities. I think as we looked at it, we incorporated some more read option with him. We had a little learning curve with learning how to slide and how to protect himself. But I think that if used on occasion it is something that can be beneficial."

(on how important offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is to QB Blake Bortles' development) "I think it's very important. You know, the relationship between the coordinator and a quarterback is extremely important. I think we've got a good mix. Frank Scelfo is the quarterbacks coach, and has really done a good job of developing Blake as well. We kind of looked at it and said, 'Anything above the shoulders, the neck area, and anything below the waist, are things that we want to work on during the season.' The throwing mechanics and things like that, some of the things that we need to work on, that will come in the offseason. I think Frank has really stayed true to that and has done a good job with the development as well as Jedd. Jedd is more on the scheme and that part of it. They've had multiple conversations. I think he's given Blake the freedom to really have a lot of input as far as plays being called that are in his warehouse."

(on if he's seen a defensive player move around as much as DE J.J. Watt) "No, and I give credit. That is hard to do. I'm just thinking of our scheme. To have the ability to do that and just to coordinate it is hard. And then to see him and see how active he is and the mismatches he gets because of it, it's unbelievable. He lines up as a right end and then he'll line up over a guard, and that's a tough matchup when he's over guards. Just can play multiple positions, and it makes it extremely difficult as an offense. It's no secret; you've got to know where he's at on the field. And then the multiple positions that he plays, to try and figure out protections and things like that, just makes it extremely challenging."

(on DE J.J. Watt playing on offense and having great hands) "He does. We'll probably have to drop eight or nine guys into coverage. He is. I believe at Central Michigan he came in as a tight end or something. I believe. I could be wrong on that. I know that his athleticism really shows up. You can see it on defense, the plays he makes. I give credit, you're always trying to utilize all of your players' strengths, and to see that part of it and to utilize it, I think it's awesome what Bill (O'Brien) and the staff has done with him."

(on an update to T Luke Joeckel's development) "He's done good. I think that he played what, a game, I think at left tackle last year? So this is really his rookie year as far as playing left tackle. And you see some really good things. You see his athleticism and then you see some areas where even himself he would look at and say, 'You know what? I need to improve in these areas.' Really, really has great awareness. Really wants to be very good, wants to be a very good player in the league. I think that his big thing is consistency. You see him from week-to-week growing in that area, but that's how we're challenging him is to be consistently good and work on some of the flaws that he has and make those become his strengths."

(on what he thinks about the possibility of DE J.J. Watt being a league MVP candidate) "With all respect, I don't think if that's putting me on the spot. That's an easy question to answer. I think he is extremely deserving. Watching him on tape and just the impact that he has, I think you always look at a guy—I always judge it by if he's internally motivated. You know, does he want to be the best? You put a check mark by him in that category. And then does he elevate everybody around him to a higher level, and he does that, so put another check by his name. I think when you have a guy like that, that elevates people, that is internally motivated, those players are special and they don't come around very often. He has those traits and then all of the statistics that back it up as well. I think he's extremely deserving."

(on if DE J.J. Watt will be one of the biggest challenges to gameplan against) "He is, just because he has so much, he can impact the game. He can change the outcome of a game. Their whole defense is really opportunistic with all of the takeaways they have. You want to give credit to everybody, but he's a big part of it. Like I said, you have to awareness of where he's at. They understand that. That's why they move him around so much."

(on what he's seeing from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick) "First of all, to have six touchdowns and no sacks, that tells me he's making really good decisions, getting rid of the ball. It's just hard. Throwing the ball as many times as they throw and to not get any sacks. It's just the combination of their offensive line. I can tell you last week we had seven sacks that we gave up, and it wasn't just the offensive line. A couple fell on Blake (Bortles) and just decision making. I think that's why what makes Ryan impressive is that he gave up no sacks. He's making obviously quick decisions. He knows where to go with the ball and been very accurate."

(on the Jaguars forcing a lot of turnovers recently) "I think we've been up and down. Now the last two weeks, you're right, we have gotten a lot of turnovers. When we're talking to our team, 'Hey, we've got to keep going after them, keep believing and they have a tendency to come in bunches.' It's been good to see that last two weeks that it kind of validates that. Especially this past week weekend where we got some turnovers and turned them into scores, I think sometimes when you judge defenses, it's not always just the number of turnovers but can you turn those turnovers into scores? That was a good part of it. Now we're just working on the consistency to do it week-in and week-out. We've had two good weeks as far as that's concerned, and now we need to do it again this week."

Jaguars QB Blake Bortles Conference Call
(on his expectations of what the NFL would be like versus the reality of playing in the NFL) "I didn't have a whole lot of expectations. Never done it before, so didn't know what to expect. Never really knew anybody that played in the NFL, so it was kind of first time for everything type deal. It's been learning as I've gone type thing. It's been unbelievable. If you're a football guy and love playing football and being around football, there is not a better job in the world than playing in the NFL. It's been a huge learning process and there has been a ton of things that I've messed up and learned from. I think that's going to continue to happen. I've really enjoyed it."

(on how tough it was adjusting to losing early in his career) "It's different. You're playing against the best of the best at the highest level. I think with those scores and games every week where you kind of sit there and say, 'There is no way that should happen.' I think it goes to tell you how even the NFL is, how every team is as talented as every other team. It's kind of an 'any given Sunday' type saying. We've had a couple opportunities we've let get a way we feel, but I'll tell you we've learned and we've grown from each game and each opportunity we've had and tried to get better."

(on how gratifying last week's win was following the early struggles to the season) "It was awesome to be a part of a team down 21-0 in the situation we're in and not give up, not kind of throw in the towel, go in there in the second half and continue to fight and come out with a win."

(on if the team has the belief that they can win games following last week's victory) "I think it builds some confidence and it's something that you want to try and carry over. We've got a great group of guys that believe in each other each and every week and come to work every day and really work their tails off getting ready for every Sunday."

(on what the coaches wanted to see him improve on when he was drafted) "I think the biggest thing was probably footwork from a physical standpoint, wanted to improve on that and I had the opportunity to get that a lot better. I really did make a lot of strides in improving my footwork in OTAs, and rookie minicamp and training camp, and then kind of started playing and had to get away from it a little bit, couldn't focus on it as much. There is not near enough time to focus on fundamentals when you have a gameplan to prepare for an opponent every Sunday. It's kind of something that I try and maintain and keep the same and kind of put towards the next couple months in the offseason of really honing in on it and improving it."

(on his thoughts on Head Coach Bill O'Brien from the pre-Draft process) "I thought it was awesome. I had the opportunity to play against him in college. Talked to some guys that played at Penn State for him and then obviously met with him at the combine, at UCF and then Houston, and really enjoyed all of the time I was able to spend with him. Unbelievable guy, unbelievable coach—definitely somebody that you want to play for."

(on if he was disappointed the Texans didn't draft him) "No, not at all. I had zero expectations. No idea of where I was going to go. If I was going to go one or 100, I was in New York to have a good time and whenever they called my name, it was going to become a better time. Didn't really care and was excited when my name was called."

(on his thoughts on DE J.J. Watt) "He's unbelievable. He's fun to watch on film, I'll tell you that. He's obviously an athletic freak of nature, but I think there are a lot of guys like that in the NFL. I think what separates him is his motor, his work ethic, how relentless he is and it's fun to watch, man. It really is and it's cool. I know we look forward to the opportunity of playing him. He's a great player and there is a bunch of great players. That front seven is full of guys that can get after the quarterback. It's definitely going to be a challenge."

(on his ability to come back out with confidence after throwing an interception) "I think you've got to move past it. I think throwing interceptions are part of it. You don't walk into the huddle and call the play and say you're going to throw a pick. It happens. So I think you've got to be able to forget it because thinking about it and sulking over it and kind of carrying it on to the next play isn't going to help anything. I know my mindset is I'm going to keep throwing it."

(on if he is surprised that some his passes are getting intercepted) "I've definitely thrown a couple and it's been like, 'Wow, I can't believe that guy made that play and picked that off.' I think that's part of it. There are certain throws that you have to make and I think that's one of the benefits of playing your rookie year rather than sitting and watching. There are certain throws that you have to kind of go and actually throw and realize that you can't make that throw anymore."

(on his thoughts of CB Johnathan Joseph and the Texans secondary) "He's good. I think their secondary is solid, leading the league in takeaways, if I'm not mistaken. It's a tribute to their whole defense. Getting pressure up front and then those guys on the back end really being ballhawks. I think Joseph is an extremely good play. I think he's physical, I think he can kind of man up and matchup with anybody and I think they are solid all around the back. I played in college with A.J. Bouye, so I know him a little bit. I think they're a really good defense."

(on his thoughts on former college teammate CB A.J. Bouye) "Unbelievable guy. I think that right there kind of speaks to who he is. An undrafted free agent—ended up at UCF out of high school, went to UCF, undrafted free agent and works his tail off and ends up making the squad. That's who he is. He's a hard working kid with a lot of talent and he can play ball."

(on if CB A.J. Bouye intercepted him a couple times in practice) "Yeah, at one point him and Josh Robinson, the corner in Minnesota, were both out there. There were a couple of multiple pick days at UCF."

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